Wow! MSK-1: Ultimate Survival Tips Knife is HERE! Made in the USA. Best Survival Knife?

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This is MY Knife. After 2 years of design, development, prototype after prototype, testing and review, I have found it to be the toughest, most versatile knife I have ever used. But it is my knife so I am biased. Watch the video and you decide. Let me know what you think…


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HERE’s MORE Info About the MSK-1 Multi-Scenario Knife:

“If Things Went Really Bad in the World and You Could Only Have One Knife for the Rest of Your Life, Which Knife Would You Choose?”

I get asked this question all the time…

Over the years, I’ve used, tested, and reviewed hundreds of knives… but I’ve never found an all-in-one knife that could do everything I need for camping, backpacking, survival, tactical training, and general utility use wherever I go.

So in 2014, I decided to develop a solution… I started sketching, integrating elements from blades I loved, along with innovations that had never been seen before in one knife.

Let me introduce you to… MSK-1: Multi-Scenario Knife.

The MSK-1 is much more than an innovative knife that’s big enough for any job, small enough for any kit, and tough enough for any situation. It’s a complete survival system that you’ll be able to use for your lifetime and then pass on to the next generation.

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When the original MSK-1 sketches were created in early 2014, we made the decision NOT to compromise on materials or cut any corners. To me this meant the knife HAD to be designed and manufactured in the USA and made from the finest materials. I remember saying…

“Dude, we’re gonna do this right or we’re not going to do it at all.”

Now, I realize… at the end of the day… my relentless commitment to excellence means this knife is not going to fit every budget… I wish it did…

But for those who support this project, the MSK-1 may be the single best outdoor gear investment you ever make.

Please Support this Project on Kickstarter:


Full tang, fixed blade, fine edge
Blade material: D2 high carbon, semi-stainless, tool steel
Blade thickness: 0.25 inches (0.64 centimeters)
Handle material: Canvas micarta
Blade length: 4.6 inches (11.7 centimeter)
Overall length: 11.3 inches (28.6 centimeter)
Weight: 15.8 ounces (28.3 grams)
Handle survival kit
Switchback ACS 2-in-1 sheath system: Ballistic Nylon and Kydex
Made in the USA with American Materials
Lifetime Warranty
We’ll even sharpen and tune your MSK-1 (just send it to us).

Please Support this Project on Kickstarter:


As you can see… there’s innovation behind every detail of this knife… But all this adds up to more than a tough, versatile, all-purpose outdoor knife…

The MSK-1 is a comprehensive survival knife system that’s designed to survive life’s worst, and help you enjoy life’s best.

Now we need your help. Your contribution will enable us to complete our first production run… funding the custom tooling, material purchases and highly skilled craftsman required to build each knife.

With your support, we’ll bring this one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, Made in the USA knife to you and to the world.

And please share this campaign with your friends and family:

THANK YOU for your encouragement and kind support!

And remember, BE PREPARED… Because You Never Know.


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