Wow! Benjamin .357 Bulldog AIR Rifle? Hunt Big Game – SHOT Show Range Day

Finally a Larger Caliber Air Rifle Capable of Taking Big Game! Meet the Benjamin / Crossman .357 Bulldog Survival Air Rifle.

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Consider Meals, Ready To Eat For Long-Term Food Storage

When you’re faced with a disaster, consider the long-term food storage approach used by the military. Meals, ready to eat, or MREs, are durably packaged and need only a small amount of water.

Survival Kits For All Situations

A survival kit is a pre-prepared collection of items which would be of use to an individual or party should they find themselves in an emergency situation. They can consist of items which have been prepared either by the individual or one of the many commercially available kits.

Saving Lives Is in Your Own Hands

In this changing world, unexpected circumstances happen, and one’s life can become at risk. Usually, cardiac and respiratory arrests are one of the main causes of emergencies that pose a threat to an individual’s life.

Disaster Planning for the Elderly and Disabled

When planning for large scale emergency situations, it’s easy to forget that some segments of the population have special needs that go beyond the average and require more than a survival kit and an evacuation plan. Many elderly and disabled persons have very specific medical needs that must be met regardless of external happenings. Limited mobility, access to medication and frailty from pre-existing conditions are only some of the many possible complications faced by the elderly and disabled in an emergency situation. These factors can often be life-threatening if left unattended.

Helicopter Fire Fighting: An Essential Tool

When you sit down to compare jets and shuttles with helicopters and choppers, they might appear to be meant for two different set of purposes. Though the former might be most innovative of today’s aircraft, but when it comes to fighting a crisis, the latter definitely is believed to be best suited. You must have witnessed an accident which involved these helicopters to douse fire on a high-rise or otherwise.

What To Do In An Emergency Survival Situation

You are hiking with a group of friends in the wilderness, before you know it, you are separated and off the trail. You don’t know where you are, you don’t know how to get back, and you are in a real emergency survival situation! When in survival situation, one of the most important things to remember is to STOP.

Please Remember What’s First – Wilderness Survival Tip

When in a survival situation, there are a lot of things that rush through your head. However, it is very important that you Please Remember What’s First. That’s P. R. W. F. for Protection, Rescue, Water, and Food. Remembering it in this order will help you survive.

Acronyms for Survival Situations

If you find yourself in a survival situation, it can be a harrowing experience. Your mind races, your heart pounds, and panic can start to set in. That is why survival experts around the world have developed many helpful acronyms and phrases to help you to remember what the important things are. This article will list a few.

How to Survive in Bear Country

There seems to be a lot of information out there about how to survive a bear attack. But wouldn’t it be nice to know how to avoid the attack altogether? The best way to survive a bear attack is to avoid encountering a bear. Bear encounters can be drastically reduced or completely eliminated by following these simple steps.

Survival – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On!

In case you haven’t noticed the incidence of major earthquakes is growing at an alarming rate.  First let me clarify what I mean by “major”  earthquakes because if you’ve ever been in any kind of ‘quake, be it “major” or “minor” you’d probably remember it as at least a little scary if not totally piss-your-drawers frightening.

Why You Need Emergency Supplies

Emergency preparedness supplies allow people to confidently face unforeseen events and challenges, such as rolling electricity blackouts, food and water shortages, and natural disasters. There are moments when you may need to survive by yourself following an emergency, which means having your own water, food and other emergency preparedness supplies in adequate quantity to last for at least a week in my opinion. During natural disasters, emergency response teams are normally on the scene immediately following, but they cannot reach everyone straight away.

Hurricane Survival Bag

We have all heard of the traditional 3 day bug out bag or the automotive emergency supply bob but now I would like to talk to you about something slightly different. We are currently full steam into the hurricane season. Every evening as we switch on the television set and watch the local weather reports, we are reminded by the various newscasters that there are developing tropical depressions off the coast of our southern most states. These depressions frequently develop into full fledged hurricanes in only a matter of several days. Since we must be properly prepared for any of these potential emergencies I have taken the liberty to create a hurricane survival bag.

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