What Radio Should I Buy? – Budget Tri-Band Ham Radio Setup

Nick Meacher answers one of our most asked questions: “What radio should I buy?” Well, it depends… In this video, he takes a look at a low budget radio set up with a technician’s license. (You don’t need a general license for this). This kit will cover all your basic radio needs without breaking the bank.

Copper J-Pole Antennas

BTECH Mini UV-25X4 25 Watt Tri-Band Base, Mobile Radio

RG8x Coaxial Cable, CB Coax Cable

Pyramid PS9KX Universal Compact Bench Power Supply

Software By W1HKJ & Associates


SurviveTek Faraday Bag Combo Kit

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Kids and Disasters – Earthquakes

Earthquakes can be a terrifying experience for anyone who has experienced them, especially children who may not understand what is going on. The following is an explanation of earthquakes and the safety steps that should be taken in the event of this type of natural disaster.

Survivalist and Spear Fishing

Finding actual ways to maintain our existence in extreme cases of emergency situations is a taxing problem for the survivalist. The responsibility of providing the necessities of life for ourselves and our families is a great burden to all of us. While traveling and once we arrive at our retreat it becomes even more important to know how to obtain continuous food reserves over a period of time. Spear fishing can certainly act as one of these resources for fresh food.

72-hour Kit – Preparation Eases Disaster’s Repercussions

We all need to be better prepared for the unexpected emergencies that happen each and every day. I know what you’re thinking: they don’t happen to me. Are you willing to stake the well being of your family on it?

Dangerous Apathy in American! Why Won’t We Prepare For Emergencies?

Since the shocking days of post Katrina the population of the United States has done little to prepare for potential catastrophic events. With the continued food shortages around the world how long will it be before it is felt here. The amazing thing is that preparing is not only easy but for the most part inexpensive. Home Land Security states that 93% of us are not ready for an emergency.

Basic First Aid Instructions

One of the most immediate front liners of medical treatment is first aid. In several occasions, the basic first aid instructions have been useful to address sudden fainting, drowning or any sickness for that matter.

Pilot Survival Gear

Skydiving and plane driving are two of the most extreme air ventures that one can experience. Being a pilot entails extensive education and training. The air is a vast spot of uncertainties under the changing motions of clouds and winds.

A Family Nurturing Communication Topic – Being Prepared For an Emergency

Does your family know what to do in case of an emergency? Do all members know how to shut off the gas to your home? The need for this information and more lends itself to a family discussion.

Dot Dash Dot Dash Morse Code For Emergencies

Survivalists and various survival groups are always interested in ways to communicate with each other in the event of an emergency. This poses a particular problem in the case of EMP pulse issues.

Burn Classification For the Layman

Most people aren’t very familiar with burn injuries in general. We all know that if someone has to go to the hospital for a burn injury, then the burn is probably pretty serious. There are actually very many factors that determine the severity of a burn injury. As a consequence, two separate individuals can be exposed to the same temperatures for the same duration and yet sustain very different burn injuries.

Emergency Preparedness Vs Disaster Recovery

You will find, in this article, unique considerations affecting the survival of your bloodline, family, and culture. Until now, certain important threats and response strategies have been all-but-ignored. I will introduce this topic to you, in preparation for further development of the topic in a coming series of online articles, to be finished by the end of September, 2008.

Why What You Think You Know About CPR is Wrong

CPR is an excellent life saving tool that has saved many lives and has existed in many forms for hundreds of years. However, our current method of CPR was not taught to the public until the 1970s. Before that, it was determined that artificial respiration and chest compressions could save a person’s life, but the method before our current one consisted of laying a person on their stomach. Fortunately, our current method is the adopted method because of its high success rate.

The Survivalist and Ham Radio

In the event of a national emergency of any sort you can safely make use of the FRS for several weeks until such time as the available food and supplies begin to run out at which time RF hunters will begin searching for individuals to victimize. These searches will be conducted mostly on the FRS/CB frequencies since they are limited in numbers and often used.

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