Weekend Reflection – Episode 1

Jon takes a moment to step back from work and reflect on the world we are living in and how recent events have impacted our lives.

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Preparing For a Family Emergency

A family emergency is something that no one wants to think about, but we all need to be prepared for one. This article will give you some tips and ideas to talk to your family and take a few simple steps to give you and your family peace of mind, just in case.

Preparing a Survival Emergency Kit – Communication is Crucial

Do you have an emergency survival plan for your family? You need one. Even if you do not leave in a Flood Zone, Earthquake Area, Tornado Alley or along a coastline with a horrible Hurricane past, you still need a plan. So, you are probably wondering where to start right? Well, you need to make your plan methodically and consider several things. The first thing that I’d like you to consider is communication. Why?

Hurricane Preparedness and Kits

Hurricane Preparedness is essential for people living in hurricane prone area. Make a plan; get a hurricane kit and some basic emergency supplies; and stay informed.

Preparing a Disaster Emergency Kit and Checklist – Consider Water First

Let’s face it, your family is the most important thing. You can replace a car, a home, a business from a fire, flood, Earthquake, Tornado or Hurricane, but if you lose a family member, well, it makes everything else seem very insignificant. This is why it is advised to be prepared for a disaster and calm the chaos in your own time of need, as there is a good chance that there will be no one there to help you.

CERT – Certified Emergency Response Teams

C.E.R.T Training Program is aimed at providing community volunteers with educational materials, lectures and hands-on training in fundamental disaster response skills that will be helpful during calamities and other emergency situations. In cases where the magnitude of the problem is enormous, you should know that police or fire officers and paramedics may not always be immediately available when you need instant attention.

Emergency Supplies

Everyone’s unique situation is different. Consider your unique situation and get started. The basics of emergency preparedness are make a plan, get a kit, update your supplies annual, and stay informed.

Survival Gear

When looking for the best quality survival gear, you need the best. There are no short cuts for saving your life. In the end, there is no options for surviving. It is to survive or not.

Emergency Survival Kits Save Lives

Emergency survival kits are an excellent tool for protecting your family during an emergency. Having one on hand, gives a feeling of security or peace of mind. Many people keep more than one on hand. For example, keep one in your home and one in your car.

Surviving a Riot After a Heated Political Election

The political unrest in the United States during the present period is significant, and as usual all Americans are told that they have a choice, between the lesser of two evils. Many are tired of such choices but others are “all in” and backing the candidate of their choice. Thus, the outcome of the election will mean a major change in power and direction for our great nation.

Survival Kits – 9 Things to Look For While Making a Choice

Whether you’re looking for a survival kit to prepare for the frequent hurricanes that plague your state, or a wilderness kit to accompany you on a camping trip, an emergency kit is an absolute must. It’s easy to find a survival kit, and you have a choice of pre-assembled ones that are customized to meet any unforeseen situation you may find yourself in, to choose from. However, just because a company declares its survival kit to be “emergency gear,” there’s really no guarantee that these items will actually be of good quality, or will be effective in a dire situation. There’s nothing worse than reaching for your survival kit during a power blackout in hurricane season, and realizing that the flashlights come with weak batteries.

Disaster Survival Kits Will Save Lives

Disasters are most likely to happen anytime, anywhere. With the kind of weather the world has right now, things can go full swing in brewing possible disasters. Take for instance, the winter season.

Fire Starting Methods – Five Tips For Starting a Survival Fire

You never know when you might find yourself in a survival situation. Having the knowledge to start a fire could save your life by keeping you warm and dry or giving you the ability to cook your food. Follow these five simple tips to begin learning how to start a fire when you really need it!

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