Tiny Survival Kit and Guide for Your Wallet: Tiny Survival Guide / Multi-Tool Survival Card

▶ INSIDE You Will Discover: 175 Tips – 67 Skills – 24 Survival Kit / Gear Checklists! Learn to Survive These Threats: – Wilderness Mishaps – Civil Unrest – Surprise Attacks – Natural Disasters – Mass Destruction: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Disasters – Vehicle Accidents – Hiking, Camping and Hunting Emergencies – And MORE!

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Here’s More on the Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE and Tiny SURVIVAL Knife CARD:

Inside the Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE You Will Find:

– 174 Expert Tips
– 101 Detailed Illustrations
– 67 Life-Saving Skills
– 24 Essential Gear Checklists
– 10 “Killer” Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Tiny SURVIVAL CARD Includes:

– Mini Knife / Spear Point / Signal Reflector
– Micro Finger Drill / Awl
– 3 Sewing Needles
– 2 Small Fishing Hooks
– 2 Medium Fishing Hooks
– 2 Double Finishing Hooks
– 1 Mini Button / Fishing Lure
– 2 Mini Gig / Harpoons
– Fine and Medium Hack Saw
– Mini Tweezers
– Magnet Base

Every Tiny SURVIVAL CARD comes on a magnetic base allowing you to pre-sharpen the mini knife and place it (and other tools) back on the base for storage.

According to a recent FEMA survey, a majority of American adults DO NOT have an emergency plan, sufficient supplies, knowledge or the training needed to survive a major disaster. So, Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is a great tool to help ANYONE be better prepared.

Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is also perfect for folks who like to hike, camp, fish, hunt, backpack, travel, explore new wilderness or urban destinations. SO basically EVERYONE!


My heart is to get The Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE into YOUR hands… and into the hands of millions of folks around the globe who want to be better prepared for the inevitable emergency, crisis or disaster.

So please share this campaign with your family and friends.

By supporting this project you will enable us to fund our first large production run and you will be partnering with our team to begin the process of getting Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDES and Tiny SURVIVAL CARDS into the hands of people around the world.
THANK YOU for your encouragement and kind support!
And remember, BE PREPARED… Because You Never Know.

Link to Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2VZdKNA

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Disasters Are Us and Why Humans Cause Most of Them

Have you ever wondered why mankind experiences so many natural disasters, and so many people have to die from them? It’s not as if we don’t know enough about our environment or our natural settings, after all we’ve been experiencing hardships for thousands of years, avoiding what we can, and trying to modify our environment to protect us from such things. Indeed, I live out in California, an area known for earthquakes, so we have set up building codes to make things stronger, and reinforced our infrastructure the same.

Hyperinflation – Being Prepared, the Logical Steps to Take

Hyperinflation is a severe economic event that spreads both physical and monetary devastation throughout entire countries. Throughout history the after effects from these massive economic events have seen whole societies crumble to the ground. I would like to go over several specific steps in which you and your family can prepare for a major economic event such as hyperinflation. We will learn ways of preparedness and how to make preparations that will either prevent or limit the amount physical and financial damage that could possibly come your way, once the economy finally collapses.

Creating an Inventory of Your Personal Property After a Disaster

After a disaster, one of the most daunting tasks for a resident can be creating an inventory of the personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed in or around a home. In many cases, people are so overwhelmed by the chaos a disaster creates that creating an inventory is just too difficult. Imagine trying to write down on a piece of paper the contents of an entire home along with quantities, replacement value, age, etc.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a “Preferred Contractor” Vs Your Own Contractor

Although a vendor or contractor may be recommended by an insurance adjuster, it doesn’t necessarily mean that company is the best choice. Selecting the right contractor to work on your home, especially after a disaster is a crucial decision that requires time to do your homework before you sign any contracts.

Top 10 CPR Myths

Michele and I have been teaching CPR to healthcare professionals and students since 1984. We have seen the development, improvement, and wide-spread acceptance of CPR education over these years. Despite these advances, we still hear many myths about CPR every time we teach a class. As healthcare professionals and students, we must not allow old information, nor the public’s misperceptions and fears about CPR, nor Hollywood’s unrealistic depiction of CPR, to affect our duty to provide high-quality CPR to our patients and to the public. Therefore, in order to help dispel these myths, I have created this list of the most common CPR myths that we hear the most often from the healthcare professionals and students that we teach every day.

Why Be a Prepper?

The prepper movement is a fast growing subject in American culture. But what is a prepper? Gas masks and dooms day scenarios come to mind, but that is not the whole picture. There is a more rational explanation available.

Survival Equipment List – A Bicycle Is An Essential Item

Consider a bicycle as essential survival equipment for disaster preparedness. It eliminates the need for fuel to get where you are going. It will go places that are impassable for a car. It’s not for everyone, depending on your health, or whether you are injured, but it is an option that may be overlooked in your survival plan until now.

Economic Crisis, Personal and Home Defense – Lethal Weapons

December 31st 2011 President Obama signed into law the new 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. During times of a severe economic crisis anyone can be held indefinitely without being charged of a crime. This is to control and maintain public order. You’re First Amendment rights are being stripped away of legal representation and judicial process. The US Military now has full throttle control of your individual freedoms or rights as a citizen of the United States.

Preparing For and Surviving Natural Disasters

Are you prepared if a natural disaster strikes? You can prepare yourself against these disasters with a little planning.

Hurricane Coming? Don’t Get Caught Without These Five Items!

Top 5 things you will need when it’s time evacuate are: Water, Energy Food Bars, Flashlights, Sleeping Bag and Survival Kit. I am going to talk a little about each within the context of preparing for a survival situation.

Economic Crisis, Personal and Home Defense – Non Lethal

America is facing a crisis of epic proportions; the threat of an all-out economic collapse is very real. People should be concerned more these days about personal and home safety with so much of the population either jobless or under-employed. In these desperate times people are stealing food and basic necessities from stores, houses or wherever an opportunity arises.

Emergency Flashlight, Dynamo May Be Your Answer

When I was a child, my father insisted on having a flashlight in every room. At the time, I didn’t understand this obsession, since all that was necessary to light our home was to flip a switch. Instant light. Then, one dark August evening, a thunderstorm hit our town with a vengeance. Naturally, the power went out, as did our lights.

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