The Survival Slingshot – REVIEW – Ep. 3 – BEST Survival SlingShots for Hunting / Bug Out Bags

Survival Sling Bow Wars – Ep. 3 – Built Like a Tank and Packed with Surprises… Is the “Survival SlingShot” the BEST Sling Bow for Hunting, Survival and Bug Out Bags? In Episode #3 of this 5 Part Series The Survival SlingShot / Sling Bow is on Trial. Is it THE Best? Find out…

Here are LINKS to ALL 5 Episodes:
Ep. 1 – Pathfinder Pocket Hunter:
Ep. 2 – Pocket Preditor SERE:
Ep. 3 – THE Survival Slingshot:
Ep. 4 – Chief AJ’s HFX Slingbow:
Ep. 5 – BEST Sling Shot Chose:


Here’s a LIST of ALL the GEAR Shown in this Episode:

David’s Arrow Release / Trigger:

Chief AJ’s HFX Hunting Fishing Sling Bow:

The Survival Slingshot:

Pathfinder / Marksman Pocket Hunter:

Pocket Predator SERE Slingshot:

Chief AJ’s HFX Hunting Fishing Sling Bow:

BIG Archery Targets (Field Points Only):

BIG Black 20″ Block Target (Field Points, Broadheads & Expendables):

.38 Caliber Steel Shot (BULK / 500 qty.):

Steel Animal Knock Down Targets:

Shooting Glasses:

Ammo Pouch:


Want to GET Started Making Your Own – PRO Quality YouTube Videos?

Here’s the AUDIO and VIDEO Gear that David and the Team Use to Shoot Ultimate Survival Tips Videos:


MORE Great UST Videos:

Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

ApocaBox Survival Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

NEW! Survival Saw Showdown:

NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

NEW! UST Trailer – You’ll Like This!!! Trust Me…

Best Military / Tactical Survival Kit?

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack – Commando 60 Review:


Cool SHOT Show Videos:

Ultimate Survival Shotgun:

Nite Ize Gear Management Systems:

SOG Survival Tomahawk:

Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

Edge Maker – Best Quick Knife Sharpening Tool:

iScope Smartphone Scope Adapter for Shooting Hunting / Video:

Gerber Strong Arm – Next Gen LMF II / Prodigy Knife:


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Self Defense Techniques, Not Pacifism Are Needed for Survival

Living your life in fear seems preferable to settling the issue by force for some people. While it is understandable that you don’t wish to contribute to the already devastatingly large amount of violence in the world, when someone attacks you they are giving your carte blanche to strike back with a vengeance. If you insist on remaining a pacifist while you and those you love get battered in front of your eyes then by all means continue your peaceful protest. Sensible people know however that there is a time and place for everything and a street fight is not the place to reveal your inner Gandhi.

How Some Self Defence Training Courses Can Steer You in the Wrong Direction

It is arguably worse to involve yourself in a bad self defence training course than it is to stay at home on the sofa. This is because at least when you’re at home and not in training, you are not fooling yourself into thinking that you are tough and capable. When you have learned a host of self defense tactics from a martial arts course or self defense DVD you assume that you are better at fighting than you actually are. Too many of these productions have deeply flawed philosophies which will be brutally exposed when the time comes to test things out. And you better believe that the middle of a violent assault on your person is not the place to find out your techniques stink!

Why Awareness Should Be a Vital Part of Any Self Defense DVD

So what should a good self defense DVD contain? There should certainly be a section that covers all of the basic strikes and kicks. Keeping your attacker at distance is a great way to avoid defeat. It should also teach you how to deal with a thug at close quarters because that is where they feel they are strongest. Finally, if the fight ends up on the floor, you will need to know some grabs and holds that will cause great pain to your assailant.

The Dangers of a False Prophet Self Defense DVD

There are a number of things you could call people who sell a self defense DVD with no actual merit. They are criminals, charlatans, con artists but worst of all, they are endangering people’s very lives with the garbage that they sell. Small, frail housewives all over the country are conned into thinking that they can become an expert in self defense within a few weeks. They eagerly purchase the DVD, practice all the moves religiously and are imbued with a new sense of confidence. They start to take chances they normally wouldn’t and before they know it, find themselves in a situation that their dubious skills couldn’t get them out of.

Survival Food Supplies

Have you been glued to the tv watching reality-based shows like The Colony where they must accumulate survival food supplies or perish? Even in those survival shows such as Man vs Wild and Survivor Man and such, do you see some of that.

Survival Kits – Build Your Own – Part 2

In the initial article concerning survival kits we really just skimmed the surface of uses, necessity, and contents.  To provide a better basis for what a person might want to include in a survival kit it’s important to take into account the following factors.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers Fight Wasps

A woman in Attleboro was viciously attacked recently by a huge swarm of wasps which resulted in her being hospitalised with over 500 agonising stings. As fire fighters were called to assist the woman they too came under sustained attack by the insects as they battled them off with ice cold blasts from their CO2 fire extinguishers.

2012 Prophecy The End Is Near

Prophecies are as old as time and come from every area of the world. In times past it was customary to consult with the prophets before engaging in any state sponsored action, these prophets were thought to have the ear of the gods or God himself.

How To Prevent Your House From Earthquakes

This article covers some valuable tips on how to protect your belongings in the threat of a possible earthquake. Once you have an assurance for the safety of your lives, then you can think about securing other things. If you live in an area where there is a threat of earthquakes then these safety measures can surely help you prevent heavy losses due to damage from falling objects. In such areas, the buildings are made in such a way so as to prevent immediate collapse of the building when an earthquake strikes.

Emergency Preparedness – 3 Important Things

“The time has come to get our houses in order…. There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed” (President Gordon B. Hinckley “To the Boys and to the Men,” Ensign, Nov. 1998, 53). Tragedy can strike at any time. We need to be ready, church leaders have counseled members for decades to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness – Isn’t It Important?

For many latter-day saints, emergency preparedness seems an overwhelming task. It perpetually occupies a spot near the bottom of the “to do” list-we don’t want to forget about it, but neither do we want to make the time for it. But we should remember that it’s important to heed prophetic counsel regarding physical as well as spiritual matters.

Family Emergency Preparedness – Why and How?

Of all the commandments and counsel we receive from our church leaders, none are clearer or more detailed than to be prepared for the future. And yet, none seem to be forgotten so soon after we turn off the TV at the end of conference.

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