Survival Psychology with Alan Kay – SD Classic

In a survival situation, your success is not just dependent on the gear and skills you have – it’s a mental challenge as well. Adopting the proper mindset is critical.

Survival expert Alan Kay spent 56 days in complete isolation on Vancouver Island on the hit TV series, “Alone”.

In this video, Jon Faulkner and Alan Kay discuss some of the psychological challenges he faced and how he coped with them.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm – As Safety Device For Homes and Businesses

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels. Examples of which are wood, coal and gas. The gas is characterized as tasteless, odorless and colorless, which becomes harmful only once a carbon-based fuel did not burn properly. The excessive gas, which is produced by said incomplete burning, may cause health dangers, resulting to poor blood circulation and nonexistence of oxygen to tissues, organs and cells. Statistics show that many people die from CO poisoning, as caused by gas appliances.

What Will We Eat in a Nuclear Winter?

In case of a nuclear war between the two, the world would probably become a cooler place, and major grain growing regions such as China and North America would become a few degrees cooler for at least a decade. If there’s an open conflict between two countries that have nuclear weapons, you should get some warm clothes and food.

Safety Signs – Acts of Protection

Safety signs are like arrows, leading people towards their designated paths. Fire-related situations require so much urgency that people need to be reminded of specific signs. In fact, UK standards require these reminders to be posted in specific locations. If you happen to own a business or manages your own building, the allocation for these reminders should form part of your fire safety practices.

Fire Protection – Advantages and Benefits

Compliance to standards and regulations is a requirement among business owners and managers. The same also goes to residents and homeowners. People have been trying to adopt fire protection standards and policies, as part of health and safety within existing organizations and communities. The efforts of fire authorities, aim to provide all possible means, by which people can lessen fire-related emergencies.

Fire Safety Equipment in Homes and Industries

If there is one factor concerning fire hazards that would be fire safety equipment. These are considered as essential devices, which help in increasing your chances of survival, if faced with life-threatening events. Fire emergencies cause people to panic and fear for their lives and belongings. It is also for same reasons that people have tried to relive safety and bring protection back at their helm.

Fire Alarm – Types and Categories

Initially, fire alarm systems are designed to detect any element associated with fires. The system likewise monitors changes within an environment including risks and potential hazards. Generally, the equipment is classified into several categories and types. There is the automated system and the manually activated alarms. Moreover, the systems are used by both homes and businesses to notify people of existing emergencies as well as to notify emergency forces for help and aid.

Smoke Detectors – Home Safety Tips

Taking the alarm’s batteries out is truly a common yet bad habit among homeowners. The fact that they choose to turn it off in place of using their toasters is a practice, which appears as acts of disregard and carelessness. Come to think of it, having your own set of fire alarms should be an advantage, but once you decided to choose convenience, it is like having a security feature, which is totally useless.

Hydrospray Fire Extinguishers – Alternatives in Fire Safety

Hydrospray fire extinguishers are also known as water additive fire extinguishers. These types of equipment are the best choices, against fires resulting from burning wood, cloth and paper. True enough, many kinds of extinguishers provide almost the same kind of protection against fires, but with these new breed of equipment, people can now have another set of good alternatives.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher – An Effective Kitchen Device

Many have attributed household fires to kitchen-related appliance, faulty wiring and cooking fat fires. These days, a person’s safety even his family’s protection, seems to be dependent on his ability to prepare and prevent situations such as kitchen fires. Nowadays, this task is no longer an impossible one, considering the many options we have for firefighting equipment and device.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher – Types, Uses and Safety Tips

For fires caused by flammable liquids and gases, the most suitable fire equipment would be dry powder fire extinguishers. These standard safety devices are safe to use on most types of fires, classified as class A, B and C. Since powder is its main component, this type of extinguisher works well in substances such as fat, oil, grease, butane and paint. There are also several kinds of powder used in this fire equipment. We have the standard powders, which work well on burning liquids and the multi-purpose powder, which is truly effective against burning solids.

Electrical Fire Extinguisher – Taking Real Form in Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

In United Kingdom, an estimate of fire -related statistics will show thousands of injuries and hundreds of home fire deaths. These figures are indeed alarming, which then leaves people to doing the next viable step- fire safety. This is a process which calls for your total commitment; a practice which must be adhered to by all means.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher As Best Choices For Fire Safety

Each type of firefighting equipment is designed to address a specific purpose. Normally, we are required to at least have a fire blanket or a smoke alarm installed within our homes. These measures can be considered practical and efficient, given the circumstances involved. However, fire safety becomes an issue if situations given are either unfamiliar or new. For instance, what kind of firefighting equipment is ideal for small spaces and rooms? What if your workplace is often subjected to heat and rising temperature?

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