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Yes, we’re back! Chris Weatherman and Niki address the future of Survival Dispatch. As you may have noticed, we’ve gone through some changes recently, but we’re really excited about what’s coming. We have many good things in the works including new partnerships, new products, and new resources to help your stay prepared for anything. Stay tuned for new faces, awesome products, and more fun coming your way!

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Megaphone – Make Yourself Heard During a Fire Outbreak

Yes, it is true that during a fire outbreak, the most common things that you would see are panic and chaos with people running around and screaming for help. If you were the fire marshal, the biggest challenge for you would be to pacify the people and organise them for safe evacuation. But if everyone is panicking and shouting at the top of their lungs, how would this be possible?

The Uses of a Megaphone

One may think that communication has become quite instantaneous in our age that certain “old fashioned” gear such as the megaphone would be obsolete by now. Sure we have texting and our cellphones is just simply a elbow’s reach away – not to mention we now spend a good amount of our quality time online. However, in a high octane, critical fire emergency situation nothing beats a fire marshall shouting out instructions after the ensuing fire alarm.

Closing on Call – Dorgard

Here’s the scenario: You are in a room and you notice that there is a HUGE fire and not to mention smoke spreading from the outside while a megaphone siren is sounding through the building. What do you do?

Dorgard – Your Ultimate Guide

If you would put a Dorgard next to an extinguisher, you can safely bet that more people would actually recognise the extinguisher. Although Dorgards are important pieces of fire safety devices, many people are not yet aware how vital these are when it comes to the prevention of the spread of flames.

The Importance of Fire Exit Signs

Signs are important and will continue to be important for decades to come. It provides our society with a certain amount of orderliness, especially when we perceive many of these signs to be universal. A red light means stop. A round sign that slashes out a cigarette sign means no smoking. Signs then, take care of our safety and keep us informed of certain rules in certain places.

Taking a Closer Look at Fire Extinguisher Cabinets and Honeywell Safes

When the topic fire safety is brought about, almost everybody is inclined to thinking about fire extinguishers, signs and ladders. Well this is quite logical really because these are the tools/ gadgets that help you fight fires or save your lives when there is a need.

Selecting a Fire Escape Ladder

Different types of fire safety equipment are recommended for different places and situations. In the case of a fire escape ladder, this is especially true since for many, it is one of the few ways one can leave his or her vicinity as quick and as safe as possible. Usually a good number of fire exit signs lead to these escape ladders which in turn, is usually attached to a window. I probably emphasize how essential this tool is in places that can use them – such as 2 floor homes, dormitories and small commercial areas such as my own.

Safety For Certain Industries – The Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Quite recently, a new class of industrial fire was named – Class F. Whereas before fire extinguishers were made to quell Classes A-E it has risen to attention that a certain type of fire was hard to quell since it burns at extremely high temperatures. The Class F fire is the cooking oil fire – when lard, cooking fat and such is ignited most fire extinguishers will have a tough time quelling it properly. This is an ensuing problem especially for restaurants, since employees can easily get choked inside a hot, burning kitchen. This is what a wet chemical fire extinguisher is for.

Practical Uses of the Foam Fire Extinguisher

There are several reasons to obtain a good fire extinguisher. Well, aside from being usable in both homes and business operation areas, there are a number of essential points. First, that they make things safer provided that one is readily available in case a fire starts and one is informed with its proper use and safety rules. Second, because it complies with the law – in particular the Fire Safety Order (FSO) ratified in 2006. Last, because there are different types of fire extinguishers such as the CO2 fire extinguisher, the powder fire extinguisher and the main topic of this post, the foam fire extinguisher.

Using CO2 Fire Extinguishers on Electrical Fires

Every single business and industry has learned to adjust with the current trends and in the case of this post, with fire safety measures. Around 20 years ago, water based fire extinguishers were found in every office. 10 years ago, it became the foam fire extinguisher which gained popularity for commercial use due to its lighter weight and the fact that it is safer to operate. Nowadays, with the advent of every person’s reliance on electronic devices such as computers, automated devices and the like it has become much more important to use co2 fire extinguishers for fire safety reasons.

The Fire Marshal and Your Fire Station

Remember the old saying: knowledge is power. Knowledge or rather, information gives us the ability to discern an incoming situation and to act on it correctly. In the case of fire safety, this information is so important that it is quite literally, a matter of life and death.

Planning a Fire Escape With a Fire Escape Ladder

Fire safety is not something that can be half-baked. You cannot simply equip your place of business with all sorts of extinguishers and then not know how to use one. Installing smoke alarms would not be enough if you do not maintain these devices properly. It is not smart to hold trainings and drills among your employees and stop in the middle of the course because you have no budget for it anymore.

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