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Saving Your Stored Food by Use of Oxygen Absorbers

All true survivalists have found that at one time or another they have encountered various problems relating to their food storage. Perhaps they merely run out of space or even worse their containers of grin became buggy. We can’t do much about the first problem but there is plenty that we can do concerning the later one.

Storing Bulk Foods in Five Gallon Buckets

If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way to store your bulk foods then search no longer. For several years now I had started obtaining the five gallon icing buckets which were used by cake decorators for storing cake icing in. These buckets are food grade products so they are safe for just about any type of food.

How to Weather a Lengthy Power Outage

Reduce pain caused by a bad storm! Learn how to cope with a severe power outage!

Emergency Survival – Myth Vs Reality

It is a common misconception that when faced with an emergency situation, the adrenalin will take over and you will automatically know what to do. A nice thought, but very often not true. Even though the adrenalin does start to flow, it is more likely to create panic. Here are some common truths versus myths about emergency situations and there solutions.

How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Lightning is one of natures fiercest forces & it quite unpredictable. On many occasions I’ve seen it strike many miles from the storm front, especially close to the ocean or water. That being said, there are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself during a lightning storm.

Preparing For Another Ike – Insurance and Safety Tips

Anyone in the coastal region of Texas or Louisiana remembers the disaster brought by hurricane Ike. Insurance claim nightmares and unbelievable property damages. Use these tips to prepare for another such hurricane.

Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

If a building has a busted pipe, a flood, or if the sprinklers go off, it can cause the building to flood and cause lots of damage to the building, documents, wires, elevators, and everything else in the building. A busted pipe can cause the water to flood the basement or the first floor of an apartment building, a business building, and more. It can make people flee out of the build because their rooms are flooding with water, and the water is soaking in everything.

Improve Survival Food Storage – Oxygen Absorbers and Nitrogen Packing

Freeze dried food has most of the water removed to preserve the food for a long time. But if you can eliminate the small amounts of air that leak in the food container after it is sealed, the food can last years longer.

How to Manage Fire and Other Disaster Circumstances

A disaster is a catastrophe which is man-made, produced accidentally or by design, such as a hostile enemy act, or which is of natural origin. Man-made catastrophes like fires can take its toll in its own particular way – property is damaged and destroyed; people are injured and killed.

A Penny Saved is Several Pennies Earned

We have previously discussed saving money for emergency bug out situations. That money would be used towards gasoline, tolls, etc as you head to your emergency survival retreat. Now we are going to talk about saving a few cents for those emergency times that may be in our future. When I say a few cents I literally mean pennies.

Effective Ways to Keep Fire Away From the Kitchen

The two leading causes of home fires are cooking equipment and heating equipments. Most of these fires are not caused by the equipment. They are actually results of people making safety mistakes while using that equipment. So, for better fire protection, check on the list below:

Infant CPR Certification Shows Capability in Handling a Delicate Situation

The article shows how one can save a child’s life and how to get infant CPR certification. Whether you are a parent or not, infant CPR is always useful to know. Nobody wants to be in a situation where a baby’s life is in your hands. There are ways by which you can learn infant CPR. There are books that you can buy so you know what to watch out for when presented a life threatening situation. However, with the books, even if you have read the whole thing through, you will not earn yourself an infant CPR certification. Plus it is always best to have the training.

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