Survival Apps for your Smartphone

Charley Hogwood shares his top smartphone survival apps and how to use your smartphone to assist you in comms, keeping track of your family, navigation and more. It is important that you set your phone up with the apps you want downloaded prior to being in an emergency situation. Including your smartphone in your preps could make a huge difference with SHTF.

Charley’s top pics:

1. Compass Apps – Stock Apps, Digital Field Compass (Android), Smart Compass (IOS)
2. Flashlight Apps – Stock Apps
3. Camera Apps – Stock Apps
4. Map/Navigation Apps – Google Maps, Waze,, BaseMap
5. Communication Apps – Zello, Discord, Slack (Android & IOS)
6. Geo-Tracking Apps – Life 360 (Android & IOS)
7. Mutual Aid Apps – CrowdSource Rescue (Android & IOS)
8. Weather Apps – Dark Sky (Android & IOS)
9. Emergency Notifications – Swift 911 Public (Android & IOS)
10. Messaging Apps – Signal (Android & IOS)
11. Security Apps – Ring Doorbell (Android & IOS)

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