Spyderco Aqua Salt – Tactical / Combat / Survival Knife – It’s Back in BLACK – SHOT Show

Discover the Spyderco Aqua Salt Knife – BLACK – from the Perspective of MASTER Martial Arts and Close Combat Instructor Michael Janich.

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Survive 2012: Alarming News That We Do Not Understand

For many years, we have faced certain issues regarding the “end of the world”, “doomsday”, and many other similar stories that threaten the very extinction of man. Who could ever forget the Y2K craze, in which a lot of people thought things would come to an end as the clock strikes 12 on the first day of the year 2000. But by New Year’s Day, everyone who has ever believed such kind of speculation has accepted that they have somehow been a little less smart for being so gullible.

Survive 2012: Multiple Accounts On The Possibility Of Doomsday

The things that we fear today are said to have rooted from many things that were predicted thousands of years ago. But what worries us the most is that we do not know what we would truly be facing in a few years’ time, and what things we can do to prepare for the arrival of the so-called “doomsday”. An elaborate explanation has been presented by many historians and scientists, all focusing only on one thing: how to Survive 2012.

The Groundwork You Need To Survive 2012

Everyone already knows about the 2012 predictions of the famous prophets of all times, Nostradamus, along with the medical and science experts who also have their own pieces to say about the Apocalypse 2012. What is more, there is even the Mayan calendar by which the Mayans have based their beliefs about the truth and validity of predictions regarding December 21, 2012.

Shark Attacks: Tips for Surviving the Worst Case Scenario

A short insight into how sharks attack and perceive prey. We look at the precautions and steps you can take to prevent an attack.

Survival Pack Or Survival Supplies Should Contain An Often Forgotten Important Item

In preparing for disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, and tornadoes, we usually think of survival food and water. Or perhaps a survival pack kit, survival supplies, disaster tools and other items that we would need. These are all very important and we definitely need this preparation. But there is another forgotten item we need added to our survival pack kit or supplies.

Choosing The Right Survival Tools and Equipment

It always seems like this is the time of year when stores have their pallets of food out for sale. From canned tuna fish, to powdered eggs and milk. But the biggest problem is that you should be stocking up and survival tools and equipment all throughout the year, not just a few times.

4 Uses For A Survival Knife

What can you use your Survival Knife for? Read on and find out more about the 4 critical skills you need to learn to use your survival knife effectively…

Is Delaware Ready for a Hurricane?

One of my recent projects in college was to pretend that I was the State of Delaware’s Emergency Management Director. It was supposed to be my responsibility to justify the appropriate placement of necessary funds for our states Emergency Plans. We were presented with four potential hazards that would not only be facing our nation and but our state as well. Of these threats I decided to select the meteorological problems for my report. There were several reasons behind my select, one being that hurricanes in recent years have been become more and more threatening then at any time in our history. With our state being on a peninsula it makes us very vulnerable to hurricane destruction.

Being Prepared for Extreme Emergencies Is a Big Must

I have a six-month supply of food storage at my house in case any emergency does happen again and grocery stores are closed. I am even working to make it so that I have a years worth of food storage saved up just in case something really goes bad.

Vehicle Escape Lighting

Vehicle escape lighting isn’t something that most people ever bother to think about. That is until the rare occasion that they need it. The average person on the street may never buy vehicle escape lighting, but the armed forces and transport companies certainly consider it for the safety of personnel or the public.

Building That Hurricane Survival Kit

Well for a brief period of time I thought our luck had run out and we had a hurricane heading directly towards us. Lucky for us it swerved towards the east at the last moment. We received a bit of rain and some winds but nothing serious. Once again we got lucky.

The Best Advice – Survival

With the increase of natural disasters it is the best advice that you, as the boy scout motto states, “BE PREPARED”. To start, it is always a good idea to keep a warm jacket in your car.

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