Sliced – A Prepper’s Pantry Food Prep Challenge

Sometimes the real challenge in long term food storage is making a tasty meal out of all the random ingredients we store in our prepping supplies. Charley and Courtney Hogwood are challenged to make a gourmet meal out of randomly selected ingredients from their pantry while they are at home in quarantine.

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Infant CPR Certification Proves That You Are Qualified to Administer Infant CPR

The article shows the importance of infant CPR certification. Is there really a need to enroll in a certificate course when one can just learn the basic skill over the world wide web?

How to Make an Apache Throwing Star – Another Great Survival Tool

The Apache throwing star is a survival weapon that is easy to make. It is simple, and effective in survival situations at taking down small game. You can easily make the Apache throwing star in about 10 – 15 minutes if you follow these steps.

Water Fire Extinguisher – Reminders You Will Never Find on a Water Fire Extinguisher Canister

The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of water fire extinguishers. Likewise, the article discusses the fire triangle in order to explain how water fire extinguishers extinguish fires.

Keep the Spirit of the Season Burning, Not Your Home

While the Victorian tradition of using lighted candles to light the tree has all but disappeared, Christmas trees remain vulnerable. What causes these iconic symbols of the season to burn? Hundreds of Christmas trees burn the dreams of a new year annually because of too much wiring. Overloading the circuits may brighten your home, but the price of a glittering tree isn’t worth the risk. Don’t overdo it.

Winter Emergency Preparedness – Here’s Comes Suzy Snowflake!

Winter! Blizzards, massive snowstorms with strong winds, make unplowed roads impassable. It won’t seem so bad if you follow these easy guidelines.

Food Storage – An Emergency Management Tool

The world is changing, the economy is struggling and the chance that we may be out of work for a week, a month or a year has increased. The prices of food and clothing seem to be accelerating at a faster rate than our paychecks. We’re stressed out, we want to prepare, and we’re reeling our expenditures in, but what else can we do? There is a fairly simple way that can help in these hard times if we’re willing to plan and prepare. FOOD STORAGE. Maybe we wish we’d done this sooner as we see the prices of food getting higher, if only we’d started this a year ago — stockpiled up on our grains etc. We can always begin immediately — right now — accumulate a little at a time, so if things do get even tougher, we have an ace up our sleeve.

Perspective Helps to Turn Trouble Into Good Choices

Recently there have been a number of tragedies and horrible events that have traumatized individuals at national and international levels. September 11th is burned into the minds of all those old enough to have comprehended the implications. The hurricanes in Louisiana last year shocked us.

Emergency Evacuation Supplies and Plans

Emergency preparedness is everyone job. An emergency plan and emergency supplies should be available at your home, work, school, church, and anywhere people gather.

Emergency Shelter and Sleeping

Emergency shelter and sleeping should be considered a part of your outdoor survival plan and your emergency preparedness plan too. Emergency solar blankets are essential for all those that venture out into the great outdoors and should be a part of any emergency plan.

Developing a Home Safety First Aid Kit

Taking care of your family’s first aid needs can be challenging whether there is a natural disaster or you are searching for the antibiotic cream to apply on a minor cut or scrape. Creating a home safety kit can provide you with easy access to the items you may need during an emergency keeping you calm when you need it most.

Hurricane Roll Down Shutters – 3 Key Tips to Find the Best Ones For Your Home

Many people want to get hurricane roll down shutters but are not sure what to look for. Here, we take a look at few tips that will help you find the good ones.

Multi-Rated Extinguishers – Your Most Practical Solution For Home Use

Because of technology, different devices are made with many uses. Many people prefer these items because it can save them a great deal of money. It is also more convenient for people to use it because the tasks that are needed to be done in one activity are made possible with the aid of a single device.

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