SHOT Show 2014 – Best EDC / Conceal Carry / Neck Knife from Spartan Blades USA – Enyo Fixed Blade

Check out this Beautiful EDC Blade!!! Made from arguably the FINEST Blade Steel in the World (CPM S35VN) the Enyo – from Spartan Blades USA – made my heart skip a beat. Check out this vid as Curtis (Founder of Spartan Blades) and I talk about what makes the Enyo such a special EDC / Conceal Carry / Inside Waist Band (IWB) and Neck Knife.

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I have previously mentioned in my writings that when a bug out situation arises it is imperative to provide the younger members of our family with something to occupy their time. In this case it is what I call “A Child’s Bug Out Kit of Entertainment”.

Daily Preparations For Emergencies

The time to start preparing and to establish a sufficient supply of preparedness items is way before an event actually happens. Before these problem times arrive and you are required to bug out you need to carefully look at what items you and your family use and are needed on a daily basis. Next in order to get an accurate count on the quantity of items necessary you should then multiply this figure by the number of days you expect to be in a bug out condition.

Should You Invest in a Scanner?

I have several friends who seem to be addicted to eavesdropping upon the goings on of the various police and fire activities carried out over the small hand-held scanners. Unlike the earlier versions of these scanners from years back they are all self-contained and no specific crystal selection is necessary. I personally have one of these small units and they are great to use. All you need to do is basically select a specific band and you are set to go.

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What Should a First Aid Kit Contain?

This is for guidance only as each home, car or place of work in Bedford will vary. It is also recommended that you do not carry any tablets or medication in your first aid kit. There is no mandatory list of items that you need to put in your first aid box and it will depend on what you consider necessary.

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