SHOT Show 2013 – NEW Krudo RAW Premium Specialty Tactical Knife – First Look

SHOT Show – Here’s a First Look at a NEW premium specialty / tactical knife from Louise Krudo from

So, I wouldn’t normally be attracted to a knife like the Krudo RAW for survival or tactical use… but as I walked by the Krudo booth at SHOT Show… this HUGE dude with Killer Tatoos was looking right at me smiling. So my friend Jeff and I started talking to the guy and he was cool! Very engaging and was doing some REALLY interesting things with knives… So I asked him what new stuff he was excited about and he pulled out a FedEX box that just arrived and this knife was inside…

So even though this knife is not my style… I saw the real beauty and craftsmanship behind it. Plus Louise Krudo is doing some very different things with knives… and he’s really entertaining… in an Arnold Swartzinager, kind of way. So I thought you guys would enjoy experiencing Louise Krudo and his new RAW knife.


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