Pyro Putty Fire Starters – Are They Worth It?

This Pyro Putty is marketed as an easy fire started but does it really work? Check out this video to see Jason Salyer put it to the test to see if it’s worth the hype.

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Fire Fighting System to Protect Electronics Systems

We offer a qualitative fire extinguisher which is suitable to carry everyplace. This fire extinguisher fulfills the variegated needs of our global clients. These are excellently designed to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Prepare For a Hurricane While the Sun is Shining

When you live in hurricane territory you know without a doubt that sooner or later you will be hit with a damaging storm. There is more to preparing for a hurricane than putting up a few gallons of water and covering your windows. Get a head start before hurricane season and your early preparations will pay off.

Disaster Relief and the Use of Emergency Shelters

Human beings can never live a life that is devoid of any worries or emergency situations. Some events destroy the peace and tranquility and put humanity on defensive. The biggest example of this natural game is the intensity of natural disasters, as they can destroy all the social fabric of a society.

What is the Difference Between Stream and Fogger Pepper Spray?

When purchasing pepper spray should I choose a stream or fogger type? Just like most products there are pros and cons and is usually a consumer’s choice based on his or her preference or application. The following will point out the advantages and disadvantages of both the stream and fogger type pepper spray.

MRE Meal – The Perfect Emergency Disaster Food

Have you ever been in a natural disaster? If you haven’t, you can count yourself lucky. For those who have, they can tell you what a harrowing experience it is to be holed up in your home or shelter while waiting for the emergency crews to arrive.

Living on the Edge of the Quake Zone

Along with volcanic activity, below this soil, a staggering line of fault lines criss-cross across the Seas, and Islands of Indonesia. Making Indonesia, one of the regions biggest quake Zones, a zone that by passes the ‘Big Durian’ but still means Jakarta, lays precariously on the edge of the Quake Zone.

The 3 Best Methods For Purifying Water

In the outdoors you need water, it is essential to life. On an average, people lose 2-3 liters of water every day and that’s just for the average person, not someone who is exercising or active. Don’t forget, the average person can only survive for approximately three days without water.

The Work of Disaster Relief Agencies

The planet earth is an unpredictable place. It is impossible to tell what tomorrow might bring for us. Every now and then, a country or city is attacked by disasters that lead it to ruins. Wars, earthquakes, floods, cyclones etc strike every now and then disrupting the cities and tearing them down to pieces.

Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

Nobody can predict emergencies, but everyone can be prepared for them. Having an emergency plan is an inexpensive way to be prepared.

How to Prepare For Emergencies

Disasters can happen anywhere, anytime due to unexpected natural forces beyond any human controls such as storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes. We can also experience some emergency situations due to humans such as hazardous chemical spills, terrorism, fires, power failures, and more.

Hurricane Season Preparation – 5 Things You Need to Do to Prepare

Hurricane season is officially from June 1st to October 30th, but the most active months are August and September. During this time the Atlantic and Gulf coasts are most venerable. For anyone that has lived nay time from Texas, around the Gulf coast, around Florida up to the Carolinas, they have probably experienced a hurricane and know how dangerous they are. So what should someone do to prepare for a hurricane?

Hurricane Heading Towards You – 6 Things You Must Do

So a hurricane has formed and is heading towards you. Hopefully you have some pre-hurricane season preparation like fill your gas cans, fix any roof leaks, trim dead branches, got flashlight batteries and cranked up that generator. Now that it is heading towards you, what last minute things should you do?

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