Prepping Tip – How Long Does Canned Food Last ?

When it comes to long term food storage, there are a lot of options to consider. One of the most easily accessed options is canned foods. Sootch shares his research about how long canned food really lasts and when it’s time to get rid of it. The “best by” date is for optimal freshness – after that it can lose some of the flavor, but according to the USDA, it is still safe to eat.

USDA Webpage:

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How to Prepare For a Hurricane

Helpful hints for preparing for a storm before during and after. From storing water to knowing what your first aid kit should have in it. Suggestions for the elderly, the physically challenged, and the people that are just to busy, and important links for the aftermath information that can help you feel prepared instead of scared.

The SOG Seal Pup Elite Vs The Gerber LMF II ASEK – Which One is a Better Survival Knife?

Two really great survival knives but very different from each other. The following is a comparison between the two knives.

Use of Tomahawks For Survivalists

We all are familiar with the type of axe commonly known as a tomahawk. This tool or better referred to as a weapon traditionally resembles a large hatchet but with a straight shaft for its handle. Its name originally was derived from the 17th century translation of a Virginian Algonquian’s word. Tomahawks were usually used as a general purpose tools by the Native Americans as well as the early European Colonials.

Dehydrating Sour Cream

I for one when it involves survival believe that if I must live apart from the civilized world then I must do so in a bit of luxury. As such, I tend to store up on nice to haves like canned shrimp, lobster and crab meat, all of which does not require to be refrigerated. I often ask myself what I would do without my usual nice to have snacks and so I have decided to investigate how to dehydrate sour cream.

Escaping a Survival Situation

Different aspects of what survival situations you may come across in your life. Detailed information on how to survive in the wilderness or even in your own home in the event of an emergency survival situation.

Evacuate in 2008 – Natural Disaster Preparation Strategies, Have a Plan

When the authorities tell you to evacuate, it makes a lot of sense to do it. Perhaps, you realize that 2008 has seen some pretty crazy natural disasters such as the Hurricanes, Wildfires and Floods that breached the levees of the Mississippi River. We have all seen the destruction and devastation on TV. Often, we see individuals refusing to evacuate.

Develop Your Evacuation Plan While You Can

There are numerous functions which must be presumed in any evacuation plans which you may develop. First, you must resolve what measures and route you will take, reflect upon any related medical necessities required by your passengers, Space availability for supplies and the weather in your immediate and proposed area of retreat.

Eye on the Storm – Expect the Best and Prepare For the Worst

On August 26, 1992, Hurricane Andrew skipped across the Gulf of Mexico and headed straight for Baton Rouge Louisiana, where we lived at the time. My family and I had taken all the necessary precautions to prepare for the storm. We stocked up on water, non-perishable and kid-friendly foods, diapers, and batteries.

Surviving a Rattlesnake Bite

While it is entirely possible to survive a rattlesnake bite without treatment – two of my family members have done so – I’d recommend against it. Here are some tips to help you survive a rattlesnake bite.

Are You Prepared to Survive a Food Emergency?

Proper and adequate preparation is the logical solution to providing any of the basics needs of yours and your family’s. Whether it’s clothing, shelter, life insurance, health insurance or whatever the need, it all takes planning and fore thought. Being able to survive a food emergency is no different.

Scouting Out on Your Own

You were forced to evacuate your home and you have been on the road for several days now. Finally you have safely got out of the city and have arrived at your retreat location without undo problems. Now while the rest of the family is getting the retreat prepared you decide to take off and explore the area for any potential dangers or liabilities.

Survivalists Five Year Plan

Just as successful businesses have projected five year plans created to plot and monitor their potential progress and to achieve maximum growth potential, the active survivalist should have a similar plan in existence. Successful provisions for the survival of yourself and your family do not happen overnight but require a long term personal commitment by you as well as your family members. These commitments will necessitate making any sort of changes in your survival plans as needed in order …

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