Prepping on a Budget | ft. Bear Independent

Bear with Bear Independent discusses prepping on a budget and how to find $5,000 to set aside. He provides a variety of tips including selling items from around the house and picking up a side job on the weekend. In addition, Bear tells you exactly what to prep including two Bug Out Bags ($500/each) filled with calorically-dense food staples like peanut butter and MRE’s, a water filtration system like Sawyer, good quality socks, prescription medications, a first aid kit, a fixed blade knife like Mora, paracord, Duct tape, tent, sleeping bag, wool blanket, tarp, stainless steal water bottle, and other crucial items. In addition, he explains where and how much prep money to divide among water/water purification ($500), long-term food storage ($1,500), self-defense ($1,500), and a trauma kit/med training and garden seeds ($500). And don’t forget further training. Tune in to learn more!

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