Out of Stock! Fragile Distribution in the US

With technology and 2-day shipping, almost everything in our everyday lives can be at our door in a few days. With the current national crisis, we are seeing shortages in several areas, like hand sanitizer and toilet paper, with no real end in sight. Sootch gives great advice on how to handle a fragile distribution system during a national or global emergency. In today’s day and age, being prepared is just smart. Don’t be scared, be prepared.

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Self Defense and Your Intuition

Trust your intuition and you may save your life. It’s o.k. to heed those little voices warning you of ‘something-not-quite-right’.

Preparing Your Home For a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are natural disasters that occur on a regular basis throughout the United States. It’s imperative that homeowners who live in high risk zones be thoroughly prepared in case disaster strikes.

Hurricane Ike May Spike a Storm of Insurance Problems

Residents and businesses in Texas’ “Golden Triangle” between Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange were devastated by the recent onslaught of Hurricane Ike, which made a direct hit along the Texas Gulf Coast near these cities. Now those residents and businesses desperately need help, including prompt and full coverage of claims made to their insurance companies. When those companies are guilty of insurance fraud and bad faith actions, a Golden Triangle hurricane property damage lawyer can help.

Get Your Survival Food and Take Cover Immediately

There is no wrong way in preparing to survival food storage, whether you choose the old ways of home-grown items or store bought stuff. Just know, that you are capable of doing the preparation and you should be doing the preparation so that you and your family can survive a food emergency.

First Aid at Motor Vehicle Accidents

Deal with hazards including traffic, explosions, stored kinetic energy and more. Learn the skills you need to be the difference.

Urban Survival – Food Storage and Preparation

Global warming, climate change, eco-terrorism and an unstable economy should make American families think about returning to some of the practices of our grandparents. Following a disaster, be it natural, or man-made, local emergency providers will probably be facing the same problems as the rest of the community. It can take three days, 72 hours, for anyone to come to your assistance, but in certain circumstances you may find yourself on your own for much longer than that.

Tips For Emergency Tornado Preparation

There is no storm considered non violent and tornadoes can be considered the most violent. They can strike without warning and cause immense damage to an entire town in a matter of minutes. Sometimes the sirens cannot come quick enough.

Urban Survival – Pet Care in a Survival Situation

While you are preparing your home and family for disaster, do not forget to make preparations for your pets. The behavior of your pet may change during an emergency situation. Pets may become confused, scared or aggressive during crisis situations. Staying calm will help keep your pets calm.

Urban Survival – 12 Tips to Follow If You Are Stranded in Your Car in Winter

Natural disasters do not have to be widespread to threaten your safety. A localized snow storm can put you at risk if you are caught up in it. Here are some before, during and after tips that can improve your chances of survival.

Urban Survival – 26 Tips to Prepare For Winter Travel

Highway travel during winter months requires some advance planning. Here are some tips that will make your trip safer. Have your car inspected before you go.

Rowing Across the Pacific Ocean For 300 Days – How Will You Survive

There has been only one man to row across the Pacific Ocean and it took him a little less than one-year. Imagine one-year at sea in a one-man row boat? Imagine, the tranquility, fear, the stars, the work out, the psychology and the survival of man? Indeed, you would have Total freedom, but absolutely no security; man against Mother Nature, as you row the entire distance of the Pacific Ocean; could you do it?

Can You Survive Without Grocery Stores, Power and Tap Water For 12-Months?

Let me ask you a question; can you and your family get by and survive for one-year if the power is off, the tap water is off and there is no food in the grocery stores, c-stores or any store? If you can’t, then you need to re-think your disaster planning for your family and come up with strategies to survive in the case of catastrophe. Why, a whole year you ask, surely the power, water and food distribution supply chain would not be out for a whole year?

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