Olight Oden Mini BALDR IR and More

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The Angery American shows you new products from Olight that are a part of this year’s Survival Dispatch “Black Friday” deals. We have the Olight Oden Mini, the Olight 5UV light, the Olight Mini BALDR IR, the Olight Warrior in new colors, and the Olight 1R2 key chain light with USB charging. Take advantage of the Olight packages and deals during the Survival Dispatch Black Friday sale!

Flash sale date: 8:00 PM November 25th -11:59 PM November 30th EST,
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UP to 45% OFF site-wide
FREE Gift: i1R2 Rechargeable Keychain Light in random color (Worth $19.95)
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Odin mini
1.Amazing 1,250 lumens output
2. Compact-sized, perfect for AR-15 pistol or SBR.
3. Dedicated M-LOK mount with quick attach/release slide mounting system.
4. Compatible with scout mounts and Odin Picatinny Mount, providing flexible ways to mount on the rifle.
5. Remote switch for a tight fit. Magnetically attach and push to lock in a second.
6. Magnetic charging.
7. Three colors for your choice, including Black, Desert Tan, and limited edition Gunmetal Grey.

Baldr IR
1. Amazing 1,350 lumens with 260 meters beam throw.
2. Class 1 Eye-safe IR Beam sight.
3. Compatible with Picatinny or Glock rail, perfect for your pistol and rifle
4. Simple mode switch to select White Light, OFF, or IR Beam sight.
5. Quick attach/release the light in a second.

Warrior Mini Ti&Cu
1. Amazing 1,500 lumens with 190 meters beam throw.
2. Dual switches making it versatile for both EDC and Tactical use.
3. Compact size and two-way pocket clip design making it great for everyday carry.
4. Magnetic charging.
5. Five unique limited edition colors in titanium/copper. Perfect gift for your loved ones!

S2R II in the same version of Warrior mini in titanium on Cyber Monday(Nov.30th) only.

1. Odin mini Black or Desert Tan, 35% off, $90.97, bundle i5T CF, 45% off, $95.10
Odin mini Gunmetal Grey(Limited Edition), 35% off, $97.47 , bundle i5T CF, 45% off, $100.60
2. S1R II, 30% off, $45.47, bundle I5T PU, 40% off $58.74
3. Baldr IR, 30% off, $111.97, bundle i5UV, 40% off, $115.74
4. Warrior mini Ti (Spring 2/ Summer 2/Autumn 2/Winter 2), 30% off, $ 83.97
Warrior Mini Cu (Eternal 2), 30% off, $69.97
Warrior mini Ti Spring 2/ Summer 2 / Autumn 2 / Winter 2, bundle Warrior Mini CU(Eternal 2), 35% off, $142.94
5. Mega Pack Limited Edition: Odin Mini Gunmetal Grey + Baldr Pro Gunmetal Grey + Javelot Turbo Desert Tan + Marauder 2 Blue + Perun 2 Orange + Warrior Mini CU, 40% off, $659.82
Mega Pack: Odin Mini Black + Javelot Turbo Black + Marauder 2 Black + Perun 2 Black, 40% off, $473.88

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