Olight Freyr and Obulb

Chris shows you two brand new products from Olight: the Olight Obulb and the Olight Freyr. Tune in now to see what they do and how they work. In addition, Olight has 30 percent off during the holidays making it a perfect time to get what you need.

Get your Olights here: http://bit.ly/2ZBmiza

Olight Flash Sale: 8:00 PM December 13th -11:59 PM December 17th EST,
UP to 40% OFF site-wide
10% OFF discount code “survival10” for items not on sale

*Disclaimer: In order to provide a perfect Freyr to customers, Olight decide to postpone the sale of Freyr. They will announce the Freyr sales date soon.

Freyr Details
1. Producing white, red, green, and blue light. Silicone Traffic Wand included, Perfect for directing the traffic and signaling.
2. Incredible 1,750 lumens and 360-meter beam distance.
3. Max 15-day runtime with the moonlight mode.
4. Using a powerful 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery.
5. Built-in proximity sensor automatically reduces the brightness to avoid overheating.
6. Convenient and easy to operate with dual switch.
7. Innovative magnetic charging.

Obulb Details
Obulb Red/Green/Grey, 33% off, $19.95
Bundle Obulb Red, Green, & Grey, 40% off, $53.91

1. Innovative tumbler design
2. 1.5-meter impact-resistant
3. Magnetic bottom, with an included adhesive metal badge, making it possible to attach to any flat surface
4. Lightweight and compact, Suitable for multiple scenarios: camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, signaling, ambiance lighting, etc
5. The IPX7 waterproof, making it a good pool light and game partner
6. With a lock mode to avoid power consumption in unknowing collision
7. Three colors available, basalt grey, moss green, and wine red

Oden Details
Odin Gunmetal Grey or Red (Limited Edition), 30% off, $118.97, bundle i3T Ti, 40% off, $124.14;

Odin Gunmetal Grey bundle Obulb Grey, or Odin Red bundle Obulb Red, 40% off, $119.94;

1. Revolutionary remote switch for a tight fit. Magnetically attach and push to lock in a second
2. Compatible with most scout mounts, provide flexible ways to mount the Odin to the rifle
3. Quick attach/release slide mounting system.
4. Innovative magnetic charging
5. 2,000 lumens output, one of the brightest rifle lights on the market
6. 5000mAh 21700 battery, making it most powerful rifle light
7. Gunmetal Grey Limited Edition(9999pcs) or Red Limited Edition (2020pcs) color for your choice

Warrior Mini Details
Warrior Mini Red, 30% off, $62.97, bundle Obulb Red, 40% off, $71.94
Warrior Mini Red bundle Warrior Mini Black or Desert Tan, 40% off, $101.94.

1. Amazing 1500 lumens with 190 meters beam throw
2. Dual switches make it versatile for both EDC and Tactical use
3. Compact size and two-way pocket clip design making it great for everyday carry
4. Using a powerful 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery
5. Magnetic charging
6. Red color limited Edition (9999pcs) for your choice, a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Christmas Pack:
A. Odin Gunmetal Grey + Warrior Mini Red + i3T EOS Titanium + Obulb Green + Obulb Grey, 40% off, $214.05
B. Odin GR + M2R Pro BL + Warrior Mini RD + i3T EOS Titanium + Obulb Red + Obulb Green + Obulb Grey, 40% off, $303.99
C. Odin RD + M2R Pro ORG + Warrior Mini RD + Warrior X Turbo DT + i3T EOS Titanium + Obulb Red + Olantern Basalt Grey, 40% off, $405.99

Free Tiers:
1) Over $129 get a FREE i3T Black (MAP: $19.95)
2) Over $199 get a FREE O Pen 2 Black (MAP: $49.95)
3) Over $299 get a FREE Baton Pro (MAP: $89.95)
4) Over $399 get a FREE Warrior X Pro Green (MAP: $129.95)
5) Over $599 get a FREE Javelot Turbo Black(MAP: $229.95)
6) Over $999 get a FREE Marauder 2 Black(MAP: $329.95)

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