Olight Charity Sale – Limited Edition S1RII and i1RII

All product sales on 4/10 will be donated to purchase medical supplies for the US in support of our Health Care Workers desperately trying to save lives.

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3. Any purchase on other regular-priced items will be donated as well.

4. FREE Medical face mask, required to log in and add to your cart, limit to 1pack of 15 per family.

5. FREE COVID-19 prevention and treatment handbook, required to log in, and add to your cart, limit to 1 per family; E-version is FREE to download

6. Orders over $49 get FREE shipping.

Get the deals here: http://bit.ly/2ZBmiza
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Be Careful Or You’ll Hurt Yourself!

How many times have we heard those words, “Be careful or you’ll hurt yourself”? Every mother knows that children are going to fall down and scrape their knees, elbows and or hands, it’s a given. It is all part of growing up! Being prepared for these emergencies is important.

Urban Survival – Sanitation and Hygiene During a Disaster

Following a disaster, sanitation and hygiene is one phase of survival that is often overlooked, with sometimes disastrous results. Following a flood, tornado, earthquake or hurricane, sources of water that are normally safe can instantly become contaminated. Septic tanks, sewer systems and water reclamation ponds overflow and contaminate wells, lakes, ponds and creeks. Refuse and animal carcasses add to this contamination. People do not dispose of human waste correctly. Waste disposal sites, fuel and oil from submerged vehicles all contribute to the contamination. Survivors end up, sometimes literally, wading through this toxic soup.

Survival Emergency Situations – The Emergence of the Natural Leader in Crisis Chaos

Many people say that leaders are born, although there have been enough psychological research papers and projects confirming that most likely leaders are made. Of course, there still seems to be an element of nature over nurture and it is something that has baffled the best of them for centuries. One of the most interesting situations where natural leaders emerge is during times of life or death crisis. Humans in a group caught with life or death choices which require cooperation for survival of the group and the individual demonstrate some rather interesting results.

Survival and Emergencies – Dealing With the Panic Attack Personality

You can ask any lifeguard what the most critical point is when saving someone from drowning and they will tell you; when you first approach the victim, the victim’s first response is to grab onto them for support and they end up taking the lifeguard down with them. It’s serious especially someone who is big and strong and it does happen a lot. Sometimes the lifeguard has to clock the person or punch them in the face and stun them in order to save their life, now that is scary stuff.

Taser’s Effectiveness Witnessed

I witnessed others in the conference I attended who volunteered to get tased foolishly do so to put a copy of it on their site. As if they didn’t realize how effective they really were!

Roadside Emergency Kit

Imagine that you are taking a road trip with your family, and you have decided to “bite the bullet” and drive late into the night hoping to get to your destination as soon as possible. You’ve been driving 80 miles per hour for 15 hours straight when suddenly the power starts to waver and suddenly the car stops dead in the middle of I-95 in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the actual problem with the vehicle could be anything and could take days of tedious work in order to uncover, the one thing to do is find a way out…

Urban Survival – The Importance of Safe Water in an Urban Survival Situation

When preparing your household for a disaster nothing is more important than assuring an adequate supply of clean water. In our day to day existence, fresh water is so abundant and inexpensive that we tend to overlook its true importance in our lives.

Urban Survival – Communications Following a Disaster

Following either a man made or natural disaster, normal methods of communication are frequently damaged, or clogged with calls. The following information can lessen the stress of the situation and improve your chance of survival.

Urban Survival – The Signs of Dehydration in an Urban Survival Situation

Following a disaster, natural or man made, clean drinking water is often in short supply. Coupled with the strenuous activity of clearing debris, or rebuilding your home, the risk of dehydration is always greater than normal. As a rule, the person suffering from dehydration will not be the first to notice the symptoms. In the aftermath of a disaster watch those around you closely.

Personal Protection and Self Reliance – Essential Things You Need to Know

Personal safety and security are very important today. We live in a dangerous world. For those unprepared the dangers increase. Do you know what to do to increase your own safety and personal security? Read this article to learn some vital steps and strategies you can take immediately today to improve you own personal safety and feel more confident that you can better deal with whatever unexpected situation may come your way.

Self Defense and Escape

Are you mentally ready to handle the unthinkable? Do you have an action plan? Escaping an attack is better than enduring one.

Self Defense – To Train Or Not to Train

If I train, will I be too confident and underestimate my opponent? Or should I not train, so I won’t be hampered by ‘form’. Learn why self-defense preparation is crucial.

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