NEW Zippo Woodsman 4-in-1 Tool – Axe / Sledge / Saw and More – From Zippo Outdoor…

SHOT Show 2014 – NEW Woodsman 4-in-1 Tool – Axe / Sledge / Saw and More – From Zippo Outdoor…

Join David at SHOT Show 2014 – As he takes a look at the Zippo Woodsman 4-in-1Tool from Zippo Outdoor… Check back often for “First Looks” at of the new release knives, gear and firearms months before they’re available to the general public.

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Should Every Classroom in California Have Earthquake Fault Maps on the Wall?

For those who live in an Earthquake zone, you’d think they’d be better prepared, but they aren’t. It is rather amazing when you consider it. Indeed, I live in California and for the most part, the whole place is in or near Earthquake faults, and many folks are not prepared, some who literally live on-top of a fault-lines in fact. There are more faults in California than you can count, seriously and they keep adding more as the Earthquake science gets better, along with our high-tech sensors.

Dec 21, 2012 Polar Shift – Info Alert to Prepare For a Big Phenomenon

Becoming aware of the much talked about Dec 12, 2012 Polar Shift is actually something that is frightening and daunting at the same time. There are so many theories about the impending Doomsday come year 2012.

Polar Shift Survival – How to Prepare in Order to Survive

If you have heard of the upcoming polar reversal come December 12, 2012, then you should know that you must prepare and be equipped with everything you need to know about the upcoming major event of the world. What is more, you should make preparations to ensure your polar shift survival.

Why Should You Prepare a Home Survival Bag?

Most of the time when someone goes on a camping, backpacking, or hiking trip, some sort of survival kit is put together so that you can have something just in case something bad happens. This is something that is always there just in case a problem occurs. This makes sense because something could happen.

Emergency Preparedness – A Quick Beginners Guide

In today’s society it is easy to forget how fragile we are when disaster strikes. Even so, there are very few people who are concerned with the importance of emergency preparedness. Even though a little time spent in preparing for an emergency can go a long way.

The Reality of Fires

Fires are the leading cause of death in residential homes and are a top cause of unintentional death in the United States. Fires can cause devastating losses and debilitating injuries.

Emergencies Are Unexpected – Preparedness is Key

Every time you hear about natural tragedies or natural calamities. What come’s in your mind first? Of course you may feel frightened or scared for the reason that the effect it has on to the households, institutions and also the impact of people’s lives.

Grease Fires in the Home and at Restaurants

Fires are the top cause of in-home fatalities and are one of the leading causes of unintentional death in the U.S. For this reason, all people should be aware of the common causes of fires and the ways to prevent them.

Your House is on Fire! Do You Know How to React?

You wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke – the house is on fire! Do you know what to do? Does your family know what to do?

2012 Survival Guide – Research and Prepare

All survivalists agree that the key to successfully enduring any devastating event is in the preparation. Creating your own 2012 survival guide with information and supplies is going to be very necessary, however, you should arm yourself with knowledge by knowing what is going to happen when the poles shift and prepare for the worst possible case scenario.

Standing Up to a Stalker! A Victim’s Experience

As a victim of stalking I was taunted and terrorized. Taking back the reins to my life was a slow process but essential. Standing strong and firm against the stalkers of this world is the plight of far too many.

Surviving 2012 Book – Is it Really Worth It?

So is it really worth buying and reading a “Surviving 2012 book” or similar books like that? Well, that depends on what you really believe in. Let’s start off with the believers and non-believers. For the non-believers, this book may just be another crap and a waste of money. For them, there isn’t going to be an end of the world in 2012 or in the near future. They strongly disagree and brush off every possibility of world devastation. So for the sellers of such books and e-books, they know these people are not their target market. Good thing the number of believers and buyers of these books about surviving 2012 is pretty much huge and strong.

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