New Products From Vertx

Ron with Vertx discusses new products including their Unity Clutch Belt, Sock Piece Sling, and the Outbound Kit toiletries bag. Tune in now to check out these cool new Vertx products shown during the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2020.

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End of the World Predictions – Do They All Point to 2012?

If you haven’t already heard, all the end of the world predictions have pointed to December 21, 2012. This is the day predicted to be the end of our current world on Earth.

Is a Generator Needed in Your Survival Or Disaster Planning?

Many debate whether a generator is really needed or not during a disaster situation. Learn why you might need one and why at other times it might be a safety concern.

Preparing For Disasters is Not a Waste of Time – The Worst is That You Have Extra Items at Home

Many see disaster planning as a waste of time. The reality is that even if nothing ever happens, you were going to buy most of the supplies down the road anyway.

City Survival Preparedness – Why Would Anyone Need Survivalism in an Urban Area?

Most people are more likely to find themselves in a city survival situation than a wilderness one. Learn what supplies and techniques need to be learned to make it during an urban disaster.

The Survival Homestead

This is a short story of a man who escaped the breakdown of society with his family and started a self sustaining micro farm that his family is living off of. As he is walking the grounds, he marvels in satisfaction at the food he has grown and the micro farm he has created.

It’s Important to Have an Emergency Kit in Your Car in Case You Become Stranded!

We get into our car, turn on the engine and drive expecting that everything will be just fine. But a car is a mechanical thing and it is possible that it could breakdown in the most inappropriate place. Your car could breakdown in the middle of a snowstorm, in the heat of the desert or in the middle of nowhere.

Wilderness First Aid Kit – Is Your Kit in Order?

Each person should have their own personal wilderness first aid kit and if the group is large, then a larger first aid kit with more variety of supplies should be carried. The size of the group is up to you. Your personal wilderness first aid kit is going to be small and light weight. You can purchase one or make your own. It should be in a water proof container. This is what I carry in my personal first aid kit. Yours may have additional items, but these are the basic essentials.

Do You Have Emergency Preparedness Supplies and a Plan in Case of a Disaster?

Emergency preparedness supplies are important to have in case of disaster. Learn what things you might need so that you can start putting together what you will need just in case.

Bug Out Vehicle – An Urban Survival Secret For Natural Disasters Or Other Situations

A bug out vehicle can be used for shelter as the cheap alternative to a bug out location. While it’s not the most comfortable, it can be stocked with items that you need during a disaster situation.

Food Storage Guidelines to Help Manage Your Supplies Easier

There are some food storage guidelines that you should be aware of. When keeping these in mind, being able to cook your food and not have it expire are much easier.

Procedures of Attending a Victim in Case of a Sudden Accident

A) Emergency Rescue Measures: 1. Immediately remove the victim from the place of accident. For example, from water, fire or from a garage or room filled with carbon-monoxide, smoke or noxious fumes.

How to REACT to a Fire

When you discover a fire or smoke, the best way is not to panic. Compose yourself and follow these simple steps that will help you go through it.

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