NEW! Primitive Bush Knife V2 – Matt Graham Interview – Part 1 – Shot Show

DUAL SURVIVAL and Dude, You’re Screwed Host – Matt Graham Unveils His Primitive Bush Knife VERSION 2. Check Out the REAL Story Behind Matt Graham’s 6 MONTH JOURNEY into the Wilderness in Part 2 of this Exclusive SHOT Show Interview:


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Matt Graham’s – Primitive Bush Knife – By Condor Knife and Tool:

Matt Graham’s – Primitive Bush Knife V@ – Check Link Often:

Matt Graham’s Book:


SHOT Show – INSIDE SHOT Show – Day 1 – CRAZY Travel Day – Off to Vegas:

SHOT Show – INSIDE SHOT Show – Day 2 – Guns and Grenade Launchers:


SHOT Show – Maxpedition Bug Out / Travel Bag:

SHOT Show – 3 NEW SCHRADE Knives:

SHOT Show – 3 CRKT KNIVES – Forged By War – SERIES:

SHOT Show – PART 1 of 2: Survivorman – Les Stroud – New Gear and Gigs:

SHOT Show – PART 2 of 2: Survivorman – Les Stroud – The Day Survivorman Almost Died:

SHOT Show – Mora Garber Bushcraft / Survival Knife:

SHOT Show – 3 CRKT EDC Blades:

Benjamin Pioneer AIRBOW:

ESEE Survival Kit – MESS TIN:

Part 1 of 2: Matt Graham Interview – Primitive Bush Knife:

Part 2 of 2: Matt Graham Interview – 6 Months in the Bush:


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Economic Collapse Survival Guide for You

In order to survive the consequences of the economic crisis it is necessary to follow economic collapse survival guide. These emergency situations are capturing the whole world at a sweep collapsing the global market. It is very essential to plan and prepare ourselves with a foresight of the future to toil and come out of this situation with triumph.

The Best 2012 Survival Strategy

NASA has claimed that the earth might be facing a calamity situation because of the shifting in the Polar Regions in the year 2012 which will affect the normal life of every inhabitant living in it. There is no proper proportion of how long these situations might occur. It might be true prediction of the disasters of the future or just an illusionary saying by few scientists and experts.

The Multi Tool For Survival

The multi tool is an every day carry item that no survivalist should be without. Once you start carrying one you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

How Zombies Are A Metaphor For Modern Survival

Zombie Apocalypse Fiction gives modern Survivalists the chance to get close up to their fears without touching them outright. It’s one thing to examine a dreadful narrative about Zombies taking over and mankind caught in a competition for our very existence. It is quite another to read a saga about the collapse of a country and its people consumed in a struggle for their very existence.

The Deluxe Survival Kit Is Excellent for Being Prepared for a 72 Hour Emergency Situation

You will be prepared ahead of time having all of your emergency supplies packed in a back-pack.

Keep LED Flashlight With You As a Basic Emergency Supply

It is very necessary to keep some basic emergency while traveling away from home. Furthermore phones, you can use a LED flashlight, because the batteries in your cell phone is not reliable, especially when it is a monitoring trip.

Water Filters And Water Purifiers For Survival

Water purifiers and water filters should be at the top of the of everyone’s survival gear list. These simple gadgets could save thousands of lives a year if they were only in the right hands.

The Food Crisis: How To Prepare Your Family

Food is getting scarcer and food prices are going up. Raised bed gardening can make a significant impact on reducing your families hunger in the near future.

How to Deal With a Trauma: 7 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Minor car accidents occur far too often. Here are 7 steps you can take following a car accident so that the trauma doesn’t stay with you and develop into something worse.

Possible Protection From EMP

As serious survivalists we are persistently on the look-out for diverse techniques to protect ourselves as well as our equipment. One major concern being expressed by various survival group members centers upon the issue of the dreaded EMP threat. Some proclaim it will create havoc upon our newer junction centered semiconductor products while other schools of thoughts dismiss the dilemma as mere speculation.

Making Your Own Survival Food Cache

There is a great deal of talk going around about an upcoming fuel and food shortage. I don’t know if there is solid validity for that prediction, however, looking at the way the economy has been going there may be credibility to those predictions. For months I have been preserving food for storage just in case.

Free CPR, There Are No Excuses, You Can Learn CPR for Free

CPR, otherwise known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a life-saving technique that is administered in a variety of emergency situations. The purpose of CPR is to return the blood flow and breathing to normal rates and provide a small flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and brain until defibrillation can return the heart rate to normal. CPR is a combination of rescue breaths and chest compressions that have been proven to save lives. Learn how to do this life saving technique for free on the net.

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