NEW! Ka-Bar Becker BK3 Tac Tool – Tactical Utility Blade – David Interviews Designer Ethan Becker

Discover the Ka-Bar Becker BK3 Tac Tool… a MASSIVE, Nearly Indestructable Tactical, Combat, Survival Tool Made for Hard Use! David and Ethan Becker (Designer of the Ka-Bar Becker Line of Knives and Tools) Discuss this Amazing Tool…

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Here’s a LINK to PART 1 of my Interview with Ethan Becker (BK7 & BK11):

Here’s a LINK to PART 2 of this Interview with Ethan Becker (BK10):

As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Interview:

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 – Tac Tool:

Ka-Bar Becker BK10 Pilot Survival Knife:

Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Survival Knife:

Ka-Bar Becker – Becker Necker – BK11 Neck Knife:

Here are Links to a Few other COOL Survival Knives that Might Suit YOUR Budget and Needs:

Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 Survival Knife:

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – SCHF9:

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – SCHF10

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife:

SOG Force Survival Knife:

Cold Steel SRK – Search and Rescue Knife:

Gerber LMF II Combat Survival Knife:

Mora Light My Fire Knife – with Firesteel:

Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife:


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