NEW! Cool Bushcraft / Survival Sheath – Habilis Bushtools Alpha Rig Sheath Survival Kit

Recently I Stumbled on one of the BEST Sheath SURVIVAL KITS and Bushcraft / Survival Knives that I’ve EVER Seen. My jaw about hit the FLOOR when I realized what I was looking at… and I Knew I Had to Share this Really Sweet Bushcraft / Survival SHEATH with You!

So here it is…my full interview with Steven… the Inventor of the Habilis Bushtool and His Fully Loaded Survival / Bushcraft Sheath kit.

Enjoy… ~David


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As Promised… Here are Links to the stuff Mentioned in this Video:

David’s Video with Steve on His Survival / Bushcraft Knife:

Steven’s Website –

Habilis Bushtool:


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