NEW! Bushcraft / Survival / Hunting Paracord Tool – Farson Blade Survival Tool – From Fremont Knives

Could this be the Ultimate Bushcraft, Survival, Hunting Tool? David Checks Out the Innovative, NEW Farson Blade Paracord Survival Tool – from Fremont Knives – Up on the Mountain, he puts this blade through it’s paces and finds out how well it performing some basic survival, camping and bushcraft tasks. Is this the ultimate survival tool? Let’s find out.

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Farson Blade Survival Tool – From Fremont Knives:
Buy Direct from Freemont Knives:

SOG Seal Team Elite Knife:

Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Knife:

Mora Light My Fire Knife:

Opinel Knife:

Ian Sinclair CardSharp EDC Knife:


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David’s Paracord Survival Belt:

David’s Survival Pants:

David’s Pocket Knife:

David’s Marine Corps Shirt:

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