NEW! Bushcraft Fighting Knife! Shemanese Long Knife – REVIEW – Best Bug Out Bag Survival Blade?

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TOP 10 List/s of BEST Blades (PLUS Bonus Lists)…

David’s Favorite OVERALL SURVIVAL Knives (Wilderness AND Urban)…

(Shown in NO Particular Order):

– MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife:
– GERBER StrongArm:
– KA-BAR Becker BK2:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– MORA Light My Fire:
– ESEE 4:
– SOG Seal Pup:
– TOPS Brakimo:


My Favorite – BUSHCRAFT / WILDERNESS Knives…

– MORA – Light My Fire:
– CONDOR Bushlore:
– HELLE Odel:
– HABILIS Bushtool:
– ESEE 4 or 5:
– SHEMANESE Long Knife:
– MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife :
– CONDOR Matt Graham Bushtool:
– TOPS Brakimo:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro:


David’s Favorite – TACTICAL / MILITARY SURVIVAL Knives

– MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife :
– SOG Seal Team Elite:
– SOG Seal Pup:
– Gerber Strong Arm:
– Ka-Bar USMC Survival Knife:
– GERBER Prodigy:

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What to Do If the SHTF in America

What do you do if the SHTF (“Sewage” Hits The Fan) in America due to an economic collapse, power grid failure, terrorist attack or a major natural disaster? The first thing is to realize that most living Americans have never really had it very tough for any length of time, so if there is an SHTF scenario, people will panic. During the Great Depression 80 years ago, people starved to death in America, but we have gotten so used to having it so good, most people think that if they don’t have enough Christmas presents it is a…

How to Be a Prepper

So we hear about “survivalists” and “preppers” and see shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers and people start to ask how to be a prepper. As an expert in prepping and survival, I get this question a lot and in order to answer it, I have to ask “what are you going to prep for?” Natural Disasters The most run of the mill, normal, average person wants to be prepared for natural disasters and isn’t too much worry about anything else.

Urban Survival During An Economic Collapse: What To Do First

So you live in an urban / suburban area and are wondering what you should do to survive an economic collapse. You are not alone. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of people share your concern.

3 Steps To Becoming a Prepper, Ready For Economic Collapse

So you watch “Doomsday Preppers” on TV and you want to know how to go about becoming a prepper yourself. What are the 3 things you can do to start on your journey to be ready for an economic collapse? (Most preppers agree that an economic collapse is more likely than just about any other scenario that would qualify as “SHTF” (Sewage Hits The Fan”).

An Emergency Preparedness Plan for Economic Collapse or Hyperinflation

People who are obsessed with the show “Doomsday Preppers” are not the only ones concerned with having an emergency preparedness plan these days. Whether it is a total economic collapse, terror attack, natural disaster or hyperinflation, more Americans than ever before are concerned that if something major happens, they will not be able to rely on the government for much help. The images from Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in peoples’ memories as they realize that if they don’t want to become victims or refugees, they need to have an emergency preparedness plan of their own.

Why America Could Face Hyperinflation in 2013

With the economy and the deficit and the national debt being a trio of bad news, it’s no wonder that so many people are considering why America could face hyperinflation in 2013. An economic collapse is actually more likely now than ever before, with unemployment at high levels, the debt burden at insane levels, and problems in Europe and Asia just as bad as at home. Hyperinflation is what happens when the government responds to this type of economic crisis by printing more and more money.

Items For a Bug Out Bag For SHTF

Ever since the terror attacks of 9/11 we have heard from sources like FEMA and all sorts of preppers and survivalists that we should have a bug out bag prepared in case of a disaster. What exactly is a bug out bag and what should we have in one? Bugging out means that you have to leave your home on short notice due to an emergency.

Prepper Vs Survivalist: What’s the Difference?

Ever since the National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers” made prepping go mainstream, people ask what is the difference between a prepper vs. a survivalist. There are as many opinions as there are preppers and survivalists, but let’s look at the broader definitions.

What Should I Put in My Bug Out Bag For SHTF?

Since the terror attacks of 9/11 and even more so now with the increasing popularity of the National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers” the popularity of a “bug out bag” is also on the rise. Even the federal government, through FEMA, suggests that we all have a bug out bag ready in case of emergency. What you should put in your bug out bag really depends upon what you expect to be bugging out for.

The First 3 Things To Do When SHTF In An Economic Collapse

As a survival expert specializing in urban survival, I often tell people what to do to prepare for an economic collapse or other SHTF (“Sewage” Hits The Fan) scenario. Unfortunately, most people don’t carry through on their good intentions to be better prepared. So what if someone asks me how to prepare for an economic collapse and then doesn’t take my advice?

How to Survive an Economic Collapse in America

As a Prepping expert, I am frequently asked if I think we will all need to know how to survive an economic collapse in America. In other words, the question is twofold; do I think it will happen and how do we prepare? Question 1: Will It Happen?

The First Three Days Of A Disaster Survival Situation

Recently there has been a lot more discussions about disaster survival situations that are possible at any time. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, wild fires, blizzards and tornado’s seem to be on the increase. We are threatened with economic turmoil, unemployment, oil crisis, terrorism, nuclear war and nuclear power plant meltdowns among other potential man-made threats to our very existence. Because of these threats, many people are now becoming more interested in preparing for a disaster.

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