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SHOT Show – INSIDE SHOT Show – Day 1 – CRAZY Travel Day – Off to Vegas:

SHOT Show – INSIDE SHOT Show – Day 2 – Guns and Grenade Launchers:


SHOT Show 2016 – Maxpedition Bug Out / Travel Bag:

SHOT Show 2016 – 3 NEW SCHRADE Knives:

SHOT Show 2016 – 3 CRKT KNIVES – Forged By War – SERIES:

SHOT Show – PART 1 of 2: Survivorman – Les Stroud – New Gear and Gigs:

SHOT Show – PART 2 of 2: Survivorman – Les Stroud – The Day Survivorman Almost Died:

SHOT Show 2016 – Mora Garber Bushcraft / Survival Knife:

SHOT Show – 3 CRKT EDC Blades:

SHOT Show 2016 – Buck Knives Kinetic Survival Spears:

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Moving With The World’s System – The Danger It Portends

When the subject of prosperity is brought up, money is usually the first thing that comes to mind. We’ve been conditioned by the world to believe that a person with a lot of money is prosperous – and if that individual is prosperous, then he or she must be happy.

Every Day Carry Key Ring

An every day carry key ring is a key ring that has several useful tools attached to it. Those items will help the user better react to situations that arise in their daily life.

Night Vision Binoculars – Small Heroes Of A Nation

Night Vision Binoculars have a bad reputation in the media. Read why they should be embraced as vital to a country’s welfare.

You’ve Been Warned

You have heard me preach of a potential food shortage but never heard me say when, well folks you’ll hear it now. You can expect a food shortage to occur in the spring of this year. In case you had not notice the prices of food in your grocery store is quickly escalating into the realm of unreasonable. This food shortage issue is not merely here in America but it is being felt worldwide. The major problem that we will see from it is not just the spiraling food prices but the potential for uncontrolled rioting.

The Coming Food Shortage: 3 Steps That Will Help Prepare Your Family

Food riots have already started in Africa because of the food shortage. Learn 3 action steps that will prepare your family for the food shortage in advance.

Fire Precautions and How to Protect Your Home From Fire

Here you can find some good tips how to prevent fire in your home. When using any electrical devices, make sure that they are turned off or even unplugged when they are not in use. Most manufacturers claim that their products are the safest, well I say, taking extra precaution is the safest.

The Tactical Tomahawk For Survival

Tactical Tomahawks are a proven, versatile tool that is capable in both the battlefield and in survival situations. They are an excellent choice to include in anyone’s cache of survival gear.

How To Prepare the Mind for Disasters

A lot has been written about how to prepare for disasters but the most important–first–step is that of preparing oneself mentally. Just how to go about preparing for something you don’t want to happen could actually save your life.

Emergency Plans: Are They Really Necessary?

Governments and businesses devote a lot of resources to the development of emergency plans. Yet when a crisis occurs, plans never seem to work as expected. Are plans really worth the time and resources needed to develop them?

Essentials to Have in Your Hurricane Emergency Kit

Hurricanes are very dangerous therefore it is important to plan ahead before one strikes. This will reduce a lot of property damage and injury. Prepare a hurricane emergency kit before it strikes. There are various items that you require for this type of disaster.

How To Prepare Emotionally For Disasters

The way to prepare emotionally for disastrous changes in life is to learn to control the emotions. It might seem hard but it really is easy with proper meditation and may be necessary to your survival.

Protection With Wasp Spray

Last year there was a popular rumor floating around the internet that a person could effectively utilize common wasp spray in order to fend off an attacker. It appears that a lady was using common wasp and hornet spray as a means of self defense because it would safely shoot up to a distance of twenty feet and provided a greater measure of accuracy than she would get from the usual pepper spray.

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