NEW! Best Tactical / Military Survival Kit? – Escape & Evade Kit from Survival Metrics

Hang Out with David and Dr. Joe as they Break into the Escape and Evade – Military / Tactical Survival Kit from Survival Metrics… 1 of 6 NEW Survival Kits they checked out in a Recent Survival Kit REVIEW Blitz.

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Here are Links to All the Cool Survival Kits Mentioned in this Video:

Evade and Escape – Operator – Military / Tactical Survival Kit (this is the one reviewed in the video):
Best Price:

Evade and Escape – Basic – Survival Kit (this is a more affordable kit in the line):

Be Prepared – Pocket Survival Kit:
Best Price:

WAZOO – Wearable Survival Kit:
Best Price:

LifeLine UltraLight Survival Kit:
Best Price:

Adventure Medical SOL Survival Kit:
Best Price:
Our Review:

BG Scout Essentials:
Best Price:
Our Review:

BG Basic Survival Kit:
Best Price:
Our Review:

BG Ultimate Survival Kit:
Best Price:
Our Review:

GearPods Wilderness Survival Kit:
Our Review:

Henry / ASE Adventure Survival Kit:
Best Price:

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