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HERE’s the LIST of Items Shown In VIDEO:

– Salt Fork Knife:
– Frontier First:
– Frontier Valley:
– Not Shown… VIDEO Cover Photo – Scout Platoon: (Oops – we forgot to have Dan talk about this one – and we forgot to get photos of the knives he did talk about – sorry guys…).


BONUS – David’s BEST Survival KNIVES (BELOW)…

TOP 10 Favorite OVERALL SURVIVAL Knives (Wilderness AND Urban)…

SELECTION CRITERIA: Knives on this List are the TOP 10 Knives that I Personally Own and Use the Most that Answer this Question – “If I Could Only Have ONE Knife for a Prolonged Period of Time (in a Wilderness OR Urban Situation) – Which Knife Would I Choose?”

(Shown in NO Particular Order):

– GERBER StrongArm:
– KA-BAR Becker BK2:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– MORA Light My Fire:
– ESEE 4:
– SOG Seal Pup:
– TOPS Brakimo:

MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife (Shown Throughout Video):

BIAS Alert! MSK-1 is the knife I (David) designed and have been testing / using since prototype #1 in early 2014. This is MY knife. This is the one I carry all the time – Whether on my side or in my pack. For these reasons, I have excluded the MSK-1 from this list.


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Here’s the Computer and VIDEO CAMERA STUFF We Use:

– FIELD EDITING Computer – and It’s USB Chargable!!!:
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– BACKUP VLOG and Action Camera: iPhone with this Waterproof Battery Case:
– MY “GO EVERYWHERE” TRIPOD (I took 2 to the Jungle):
– BEST Adventure Selfie Stick:
– I took 3 Back-Up Power Bricks for Charging Computer and Camera High Power Battery Banks:
PLUS Tons more camera batteries, waterproof cases, cables etc.

David’s Personal Gear…
– MOTORCYCLE (1994 Version):


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DIY Bow Drill Fires Made Easy – Part 1:

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Planning for 2012 and City Water Supplies

Assuming you know anything with regards to “urban survival,” you know it is not about gun toting, camouflage wearing end-of-the-world types. Rather, it is about learning and practicing a skill set of urban survival techniques that will help you get through the rough times ahead. Municipal water is something that people take for granted, can’t live without, and are accustomed to see flowing freely from the tap.

2012 Food Shortages in America – How To Prepare

Most people would never have imagined that we could experience food shortages in America in 2012. After all, Americans have always enjoyed as much inexpensive food as they could possibly want.  However, that luxury is undergoing drastic changes that are about to shake the foundations of our country.

First Responder Considerations in Event of a Kidnap

This article will focus upon guidance to the initial responder to a call in the middle of the night informing them that their Principal, employee, employer or loved one has been taken hostage. The actions taken by a First Responder – the Untrained Negotiator, often prove key to the successful outcome of the situation.

Emergency Survival Tips – How to Survive a Food Shortage

Getting fundamental survival food staples available — beginning with one of these five — will place you in a far greater position to weather a energy outage, natural disaster, economic collapse, riots, or worse. Read onto learn what products you ought to have available, and just how to develop a lengthy-term food storage in your house.

Evacuation Chairs – A Focus on the Neil Robertson Stretcher

The Neil Robertson stretcher is a proven piece of equipment that has successfully retrieved injured victims when they need to be stabilised, raised or lowered away from the point of danger. The Neil Robertson stretcher is designed so as to be moveable in confined spaces and through narrow access ways, such as typically found on board a ship or deep underground in a mine or caving complex.

The Evacuation Chair and Stretcher – Their Use Throughout History

During times of war, disaster and plague, the earliest form of stretchers down the centuries were simply found items like farm gates, doors or flat bed carts. Anything that could suitably support an injured person and transport them to safety and care was viable.

Rescue Stretchers – The Early Beginnings of the Modern Evacuation Chair

Throughout history wherever there has been battles, wars and disasters there has been a need for stretchers. The Furley Stretcher and the Ashford Litter were the first recognised stretchers developed for the St John’s Ambulance by Sir John Furley of Ashford in Kent. The Ashford Litter was a basic Furley stretcher fitted with wheels and a canvas cover to protect the patient and came to the fore during the First World War.

The 5 Best Survival Knives In The World

The debate on which are the best survival knifes are both ongoing and extremely heated. When searching for the best survival knives there are just so many choices out there that it’s mind-boggling. I have searched long and hard, read hundreds of reviews and tested survival knives over and over and have come up with my elite list of the best 5 survival knives on the planet. Why five? The truth is just as each knife is different, each person is different and what survival knife is the best for you may not be the best for someone else. By the end of this review you should have an idea on which survival knives suit you best.

How an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Can Save Lives

A complete, ruggedized ‘grab and go’ thermal imaging camera system includes a magnetically mounted pan-tilt color FLIR camera, mobile DVR, digital display and joystick for camera operation. No need to dedicate a vehicle to the job, just take the system in whatever vehicle is available. Search in complete darkness, regardless of weather conditions.

The Benefits of Fluid Warming Systems for IV Fluids

  When patients receive cold IV fluids, they can experience complications that place them at risk for illness and death. Therefore, hospitals, health centers, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) must use warming devices that raise the temperature of IV fluids to 95°F-100°F, the body’s ideal temperature range. Systems for warming IV fluids come in different models that feature different specs.

Portable Blood and Fluid Warmers: Frequently Asked Questions

  When we think of medical emergencies, IV induced hypothermia usually isn’t one of them. But perhaps it should be. According to physicians, patients who receive cold blood or fluid intravenously are at risk for surgical complications and cardiac arrest.

Warming Blood and Fluids: The Benefits for Emergency Patients

  Hypothermia occurs when the body’s temperature drops below a core temperature of 95°F, the minimum temperature required for normal metabolism. Although commonly thought of as being weather induced, hypothermia also has clinical causes, such as the administration of cold IV fluids. Most IV fluids undergo a warming process prior to being administered.

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