Mykel Hawke – Interview – NEW Gear, NEW Survival Show – FUN Interview

Discover what Mykel Hawke the Co-Star of the Hit Survival TV “Show Man Woman Wild” is up to… David caught up with Mykel Hawke at SHOT Show and talked about His COOL New Survival Gear and TV Show “Lost Survivors” (on the Travel Channel). This interview was a Hoot. Mykel is a great guy at lot of fun and the real deal. Check it out…

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Mother Nature – Security at Its Most Basic Level

Living in the Midwest provides an annual experience with Mother Nature that is not often found in most other areas across the nation – Tornado season. While it is true that tornadoes can occur anywhere and literally at any time the conditions are right, for people who live in “Tornado Alley.” experiencing ‘hell on earth,’ is not uncommon. Still, there are logical steps that can be taken to help you and your family and friends survive Mother Nature’s fury.

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Earthquakes are a fearful natural disaster. Deadly earthquakes terrorize everyone. Therefore, due to the rising number of earthquake frequency, you should be well equipped with enough knowledge to maintain your safety, and as well as that of the others.

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I once bought a good friend Michael a fire extinguisher as a Christmas gift. He thought this was an odd and strange item to buy. He asked me “what made you think of a fire extinguisher?” My reply was remember when we first met? He had told me his house burnt down. So that is why I bought that gift.

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How to Make a Fire in the Wilderness

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Emergency Storm Preparedness

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Easy to Assemble Emergency Shelters

The places where people can live for a limited time during the period and aftermath of a disaster, or in the time of emergency, are called emergency-shelters. Emergency shelters are similar to homeless shelters to some extent but the dissimilarity between the two is that emergency shelters allow people to stay there during the whole day whereas in the case of homeless shelter, it is expected that people will spend their day out and will only come in at night or to eat only.

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