Making a Knife Sheath for Angery American | ft. ON Three

Jason Salyer and Chris Weatherman get together to make a knife sheath. In this video, Jason shows Chris how he measures, cuts, and assembles a homemade knife sheath with a few tools and an oven. Special appearance made by Alan Kay.

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Survival Kit

I will start this article by answering an unspoken question that quite probably jumped at you as soon as you read the title: “Will it work?” Well, that is going to depend on how much of a survivor you consider yourself to be.

After What Happened in Haiti, You Need to Purchase a Portable Water Purification System

If you watched the news coverage of the recent Haitian earthquake and its survivors, you’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of the people fighting each other or waiting in long lines to get a bottle of water. That’s because thirst can become a very real problem soon after any disaster strikes. Normal sources of water are disrupted, while others are contaminated with debris and become bacteria-laden. People are faced with the choice between drinking the unsafe water or dying of thirst.

Emergency Evacuation & Fire Extinguishers

Every building owner should have an evacuation plan. Emergency evacuation supplies do not cost a lot of money and can certainly save a life.

What Kind of Skills Do You Have?

Often people simply do not have the necessary funds needed to purchase survival retreats so the next best thing is to join some sort of organized group. Naturally, nothing in life is free and you will need to pay something for the benefits of belonging to this group in one way or another. If you are lacking the necessary funds needed then perhaps your payment may be in the form of skillful labor.

Surviving a Fire

Statistics shows that 40% of the time people die in fires. Often it’s because they just stay in their room and hide in their closet or even under their bed. Sometimes pets will hide under the bed or even inside a wall. Little kids get so scared that they hide in the closet. The next thing you know, they’re trapped.

Earth Will Not Be Destroyed in Dec 2012

We can easily predict right now that this world will continue to exist at least for a further period equal to the period from the birth of Adam to now. How long will it operate? Only those who know how long it has been operating will be able to tell us.

911 Lookup – An Essential Aid For 911 Emergencies

911 is incredibly popular inside United States of America. It is probably that a single amount that you simply will learn next to your nickname along with the names you call your parents. 911 is the variety that you could dial for any kind of urgent situation – may possibly it be for a suspected robbery in your neighbor’s house, should a person break in yours, for an assault that you are witnessing down the street, for the heart attack that your grandfather is having, or for a house that caught fire.

All About Fire Extinguishers

Essentially, there are four basic types of fire extinguishers that can be purchased and each of them is designed to put out specific types of fires. If you have an older fire extinguisher, it is probably labeled with colored geometrical shapes containing letters.

Importance of CPR and First Aid Training

This article looks at the importance of could be obtained online through various websites that teach the fundamentals of Basic Life Support. The American Red Cross and other organizations are providing first aid and CPR training online and some of these courses may be available for free.

Benefits of Wearing a Reflective Safety Vest at Night

If you expect to be outdoors on a regular basis especially late at night, then you should be aware that visibility can be drastically reduced for others on the road. However, being seen by others is especially important as there are hundreds of pedestrian related accidents that occur each year.

Will My Neighbors Think I’m Crazy If I Plan For an Emergency?

It’s not crazy to plan ahead. Self reliance is a skill set and a mind set.

Bug Out Exercise Vehicle Departure Checklist

We all tend to forget important items when actually performing a bug out exercise. About the only way to prevent such things from occurring is to do as the military does and use checklists. Included in the checklist are several items that should be performed prior to departure if time permits.

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