Les Stroud + Camillus Survivorman Survival Kits / Knives / SlingSHOT – Pt 1

SHOT Show 2016 – EXCLUSIVE with – Les Stroud – NEW Shows? + Camillus Survivorman Survival Knives, SlingSHOT + Kits. Here’s PART 2: http://tinyurl.com/Les-Part-2 – IN Part 2 – Discover Les Stroud’s Ultimate Survival Tip / His Worst Day in the Wilderness and the Day Survivorman Almost Died – SHOT Show 2016.

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INSIDE SHOT Show – Day 1 – CRAZY Travel Day – Off to Vegas:

INSIDE SHOT Show – Day 2 – Guns and Grenade Launchers:


Maxpedition Bug Out / Travel Bag:



PART 1 of 2: Survivorman – Les Stroud – New Gear and Gigs:

PART 2 of 2: Survivorman – Les Stroud – The Day Survivorman Almost Died: http://tinyurl.com/Les-Part-2


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Preparing For Disaster Starts In The Mind

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Essential First Aid Kits to Treat Injured Soldiers

Bullet wounds and burn injuries are the common type of injuries a soldier may sustain on the battlefield. First aid kits are used by soldiers to treat wounds and injuries when there is no immediate medical attention available.

Bug-Out Bag Essentials

You never know when you may have to just pick up and flee. Every survivalist knows that the key to survival is preparation. And one of the most important things you can do to prepare is to have a bug-out bag filled with the most important survival items.

Complacency: The Enemy Of Survival

Complacency towards disaster preparedness is rampant in the world. Many people assume that disasters only happen to other people. That belief can cost them their life.

Top 10 Urban Combat Weapons

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Top 10 Urban Survival List Outdoor

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Defense Spray, Cheap Personal Safety Insurance

As career law enforcement, I commonly hear victims ask why they were attacked and that it had never happened to them before. Remember, most victims were never victimized until they day they became a victim.  Defense spray is a cheap non-lethal force alternative and insurance policy into your personal health.

Safety Supplies to Deal With All Kinds of Emergencies

Emergencies and harsh conditions can go further than just natural disasters. It is important for business owners to have safety supplies readily available at their work-zone to help employees during emergencies. For example, construction workers working on construction sites need proper attire. Safety goggles to protect eyes from debris during drilling, rubber boots that prevent feet from cuts, hardware hats, and highly visible safety vests are some of the must-have safety supplies for every construction workers.

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