Jon’s Bag Gun Setup – An EDC Bag That Packs A Punch!

Jon gets a lot of questions about what he carries for his Bag Gun Setup. In this video, he breaks out the contents and shows us how he maximizes such a small bag for his personal defense needs.

LBT Day Pack

Otto NoizeBarrier High Definition Electronic Earplugs

Blue Force Gear Med Kit

North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet

Radian Weapons

Maxim Defence

Unity Tactical Clutch Belt

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Surviving an Earthquake

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Do Your Students Have the Information They Need to Recover From a Sudden Emergency?

When your students arrive on campus, does your university ensure that students have all the information they need, to be taken care of in case of medical or other emergency? Of course it depends on the university, but for most schools, the answer is no!

Preventing Targeted School Shootings – Tips for Educators & Parents

As we approach the anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, it is still apparent that our nation’s schools are still in desperate need of formal threat assessment programs to help predict – and thereby prevent- targeted school violence. The first step in implementing your school’s (or district’s) program is to develop a formal threat assessment policy. A solid policy should set a baseline that establishes what type of behavior will be assessed or investigated.

Twisters Savage Southeast Virginia

On Monday, April 28, a series of violent tornadoes ripped through communities in SE Virginia. Authorities estimated that as many as six tornadoes are responsible for the widespread damage. Striking as it did in the late afternoon probably saved many lives. Most people were working or shopping at the time and many houses were empty.

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Why Popular Survivalist Food Advice is a Disaster

Do you want to be food prepared for a disaster but not sacrifice the huge amounts of time and effort that some advise you do? Is there a cheap, simple, easy way to have survival food ready for an emergency?

Get Your Food Storage Now

With stores like Costco and Sams club food rationing for the first time, getting some extra food storage has never been a better idea. Even on a purse string budget you can get some extra food for your family. Remember that anything could happen and the time is quickly coming where you won’t be able to buy anything from your favorite grocery store.

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Sandbags – The Best Tool For Flood Defence

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This article contains tips for wilderness travel. It is a general guide.

Lighting Options For Emergency Situations

When the lights go out or when an emergency is upon us, getting proper lighting back in order is one of the most essential tasks we will need to tackle. Whether it’s a major storm, a car hitting an electric pole or something even larger, like a hurricane, tornado or major traffic accident, we need to be prepared with emergency lighting backup options. Here are some lighting choices for these specific situations:

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