Hurricane Preparedness – Lessons Learned

Proper Hurricane Preparedness takes more than some canned goods, water, batteries, and a flashlight. In this video, Charlie Hogwood shares lessons learned after 30 years of living in South Florida along with many years of Emergency Management service and military experience. Rather than learning the hard way, put Charlie’s lessons to good use so you’re properly prepared for a hurricane (or other emergency situation).

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Fender Bender Primer

Auto accidents happen and most are minor events. Here are some common sense steps to prepare for an accident and handle an accident once it has occurred. Being prepared and ready will help keep a minor accident from becoming a big headache.

Save a Life by Keeping Your First Aid Training Current

Many people are under the impression that once they receive their first aid certification, they never have to worry about it again. This is a very dangerous bit of misinformation, though, since techniques change all the time. Your memory of how to conduct adequate first aid also fades with time, further increasing the need for occasional refresher courses.

Hurricane Katrina Reality – Let’s Not Lie in Our History Books

Prior to the 2005 Hurricane Season, I’d decided that our Think Tank ought to study up on the Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season and consider all the problems and challenges involved in keeping our civilization safe. As it stands, we decided to study the challenges associated with a direct hit on New Orleans nearly 30-days prior to it actually occurring, that’s scary stuff when you think about the coincidence factor.

I Can’t Decide Between Freeze Dried Food and Dehydrated Food – Need Help?

Lots of people can’t decide. There are definite differences between the two. This article looks at each and let’s you make the decision.

EMS A-Z Series – “V” Ventilations – Ventilators, Very Basic

If you recall back in the “A” installment I resisted the temptation to cover the very basic topic of airway. In this installment I have chosen ventilations as part of the article not so much because it fits in this part of the alphabet, but because in keeping with the theme of the A-Z series, I want to stress the very basics of what we do.

EMS A-Z Series – “U” – Uncovering EMS

Emergency Medical Services. Seems pretty self explanatory right? I mean what is there to actually reveal? The reality though is that there is so much more to EMS than the lights and sirens, the basic 120 hour EMT course, the 12 month paramedic course or even a two year degree based paramedic course.

What’s a Good Book to Buy to Understand the Katrina Disaster?

Hurricane Katrina rocked our confidence in our Government and our Federal Emergency Management Agency or what we usually just call FEMA; and although FEMA took intensive media criticism, the reality is there was a lot more to it than what we saw in the media. A decent book on this topic is “The Great Deluge,” by Douglas Brinkley, which was recommended to me recently by an acquaintance. In fact, he went out of his way to drop me an email for some essays I’d written on the topic of the Hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast and flooded New Orleans.

Did the Bush Administration Get a Bum Rap on the Katrina Disaster?

Many who’ve studied the Hurricane Katrina Disaster realized that things were not exactly what the media or opposition party created, that we were led to believe. In any case, rather than tell you what I think, I’d sure like to recommend a decent book to you; Douglas Brinkley’s The Great Deluge. You see, not long ago, I was discussing this book with an acquaintance, and he indicated that whereas, he was not a “fan of George W. Bush, but in this case, his administration did indeed get a bum rap by the media.”

Could the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Have Been Mitigated?

There is a very decent book out about the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, one which needs to be read by anyone who thinks that the outcome, damage, or response by the Bush Administration is what caused all the damage. The book is a decent account of what transpired after the event; “The Great Deluge,” by Douglas Brinkley. Not long ago, an acquaintance emailed me to discuss this topic, and he was someone who was extremely well-read and completely up on the current events.

Emergency Supplies – What You May Need

Just about everybody knows that they should keep at least some emergency supplies on hand, but a lot of families do not. Many families only gather emergency supplies when a foreseeable disaster heads their direction, like a hurricane.

Electrical Burns – Damage, Treatment, and the Law

Electrical burns are a fairly common injury, and it is critical for people to realize that they should be handled differently than standard heat burns. This article explores the damage and potential treatment for electrical burns, and if the victim has legal rights to sue for their injury.

How to Use the Web-Tex ‘Steel of Fire’ Firesteel

How to use the Web-Tex Steel of Fire Firesteel is a simple guide to help people with little experience of firesteels to get the best use out of these fantastic survival tools. A brief explanation of the components of a firesteel along with instructions to help you use it more efficiently.

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