Hunting Dog Training – Part 2

In part 2, Jason Salyer continues hunting dog training using treats to get Maggie to respond when she goes too far away. And then Maggie turns into Cujo. Soon after, she runs off. Will she come back when Jason calls her? Tune in to watch now.

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Surviving in the Wild

Situations can arise at any time when you may need to know how to survive in the wild. It could be you got lost on a hike just outside the city or you are on a big expedition in the North Pole and you have been separated from your group. Both of these situations can be equally as dangerous, you can freeze to death 1 hour from the city just as easily as if you are 10,000 km’s away.

Emergency Preparedness For Your Home

Every household should have an emergency preparedness plan in place for their home. Emergencies and disasters still happen, even in the US. Here are some things you’ll want to consider as you develop your plan.

How to See the Best and Reliable Air Ambulance Specialists

Air Ambulance Specialists are hard to find. You should see to it that you are dealing with the best for your life as well as your loved ones.

Tips For Stocking a Storm Shelter – Maximize a Safe Room’s Functionality

Maintaining a functional storm shelter is a necessity when living in high risk areas. Being prepared for major weather conditions takes a lot more consideration than one might think. Back in the 1960’s when the fear of nuclear annihilation was prevalent, many families built fallout shelters, some that still exist today. Although nuclear threats may not be your reasoning, building and stocking a storm shelter is one of your best bets when trying to survive a life threatening storm.

Hazards of Fire and How to Avoid Them

Fire is something essential for life without which life could not sustain but like many other things in life, if not controlled properly will cause damage to life and property. Since it is impossible to avoid fire hazards completely, we humans must learn to live with hazards of fire.

Basic Survival Facts – Why You Need a 72 Hour Emergency Kit

If a disaster ever strikes, you may suddenly find yourself all alone. You’ll need to have a supply of water, food, and additional supplies so that you can survive for at least three successive days. After disaster strikes, relief workers and local authorities will quickly try to help, but it’s impossible to help everyone at once. It’s entirely possible that help won’t arrive for hours, or even days.

Reducing Stress – Powerful and Effective Ways to Stay Calm

Stress is one of the most pervasive and invasive problems in the world today. It kills, upsets, poisons, and destabilizes many people. It is impossible to alleviate or control it but there are incredible internal powers we can tap to make it less destructive.

Home Emergency and Disaster Plan You Need When Disaster Strikes

Extraordinary times really call for equally extraordinary responses from all of us. The signs of the times have brought a new spin to our typical home emergency and disaster response program. What will you do if suddenly the unthinkable hits your community? A major disaster has happened and citizens have been ordered to evacuate.

What Happens When You Make a 911 Call?

This article will describe what happens to your phone call and who ultimately answers it when you make a 911 call. The following discussion only relates to 911 calls placed from a wired land line and is not relevant to 911 calls initiated from a cell phone. A description of enhanced 911 and why it’s important will also be presented.

The Benefits of Using Adhesive Tapes For Safety and Fun

Adhesive tapes are very common and are practically considered household articles, and with good reason. As a matter of fact, most people use them to wrap their various gifts and presents. However you can use these types in many other various ways, and once you know a bit more about the different types of tapes you can get, you realize that the possibilities to using them are practically endless.

Winter Time Auto Survival

We travel many places in the winter never considering the consequences of being stranded in the cold for an extended period of time. All automobiles should contain a certain piece of basic survival equipment.

Try the TASER C2 Without Laser Sight For Personal Defense

Personal defense is a common concern, and many people seek out devices that can help them to protect themselves should they run into any trouble. Different people prefer different types of devices. One option that is worth considering is the TASER C2 without laser sight. This is a less expensive option than the version with the laser sight, and can be a very useful personal defense device.

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