How to Make a Kydex Neck Knife Sheath

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Survival 2012 and the Predicted Earth Changes Pointing to Where to Live in 2012

The prophesy of 2012 has many people question the idea of survival 2012. The idea of survival 2012 states that the enlightened will live along the path to spiritual havens while the unenlightened will struggle and eventually perish a world born anew. Every potential prophesy taken all the way from Nostradamus to the Hopi tribe has landed on the fate of humanity come 2012.

Stun Baton – Why You Should Choose One!

Keeping yourself safe is something that should be in the forefront of your mind. Knowing about certain products is key when deciding which one to use. Take a look to see why the stun baton is a good choice…

Forensic Work and Emergency Shelters

An emergency shelter serves many purposes. It is a place that provides safety to people who are the victims of adverse conditions. An emergency shelter is a temporary living place for those who do not have a home or have lost them in unfortunate incidents.

Decontamination and Emergency Shelters

In places like factories, hospitals, construction sites, laboratories etc. where the use of toxic chemicals is abundant, accidents are likely to happen. All such places are required by law to have well equipped emergency shelters, in case a toxic substance leaks or spills, or any other type of such accident occurs.

Predictions of Destruction For 2012

The year 2012 comes from the Mayan calendar, a complex system that are used together in order to determine events. The Mayan calendar is considered the most accurate calendar developed – its intricate system depicts time in cycles.

Medical Treatment and Emergency Shelters

Health care, is the treatment and management of illness, and preservation of health through services offered by the medical, dental, complementary, and alternative medicine, pharmaceutical, clinical laboratory science, nursing, and allied health professions. The delivery of modern medical treatment depends on an expanding group of trained professionals coming together as an interdisciplinary team. Medical treatment is very necessary for human beings to protect against the diseases.

Important Papers to Pack in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

When you are preparing your emergency preparedness kit don’t forget the important documents you and your family will need if you have to shelter away from home for more than a day or two. Without these documents you will be at a real disadvantage.

First Aid Tips For Everyone

There are a few basic first aid techniques that everyone should know. The following represents an introduction to first aid that can help a loved one in need. Remember however, if the situation worsens, professional medication should be sought, or an emergency medical services team called.

Ten Deadly Situations You Might Actually Encounter

It is silly to walk around living in fear and it is just as silly not to educate yourself about potential dangers and how to survive them if you ever find yourself in a natural or unnatural deadly situation. A few minutes of reading could save you or your family’s lives.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Shelters

An estimated six hundred and forty million people in the world are homeless due to reasons such as poverty, human conflict or natural disasters. It is a challenge of vast proportions to provide basic necessities for such people, before they are struck by any of the diseases, and they eventually die.

What Will You Do When the Worst Happens?

It is both difficult to think that the world we all love is about to change for the worst. However, this is becoming more and more of a reality every day. The news is, filled with tragedy and horrific events happening all around us.

The End of the World in 2012 – Truth of Fiction?

Nowadays, so many people are looking forward to the year 2012. The problem is, 2012 is associated with the end of the world. There are so many civilizations that claim that 21 December 2012 is the day when our planet will be destroyed The Mayans, the ancient Chinese, and even Nostradamus have predicted the end of the world in December of 2012 . Would you like to know whether this is a truth or not?

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