How to Make a First Aid / Fire Tinder Kit – For 5 Cents

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Triple Antibiotic:


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Are You a Doer or a Talker?

Frequently you find survivalists who considered themselves experts in the field and believe there is nothing left for them to learn or understand. I can say but one thing for these people – they are fools. I know a lot about surviving; in fact I am currently going back to college for a degree in Emergency Management. When I sit down and think about it however I still consider myself as an amateur.

Skillful Maneuvers

As we build up our survival group members we have started to become picky at whom we select for membership. It has gotten to the point where certain skills are badly needed while common workers are not so necessary. It is always understood that when normal labor is required we all chip in and do our fair share therefore allowing someone to join merely to have a laborer is senseless, we need skilled people instead.

Beyond the Basics

Do your friends and family inform you that you have become paranoid as a result of your emergency survival preparations? In reality, as all your acquaintances sit comfortably in their small home surrounded by the lily white picket fence they truly believe they are safe from any outside influences or that in an emergency the federal government will be there to bail them out. These people are totally insane. These people display an unearned trust in the bureaucracy that they will protect their interests when necessary and this merely show how foolish and uninformed they really are. We must learn to take care of ourselves and not rely upon the government to tend to our problems.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Survival

To originally develop any sort of plan you must initially generate a mission statement. This will assist you by soliciting detailed questions as you formulate your plan. An example of the types of inquiries that should be asked is:

Survival Requirements of Sheltering

By now everyone must appreciate the value associated with having emergency supplies readily at hand during a major crisis. The situations that developed during the Katrina disaster should only serve to reinforce our goals to be able to take care of ourselves during a national or local emergency. The government responses were sluggish and in many cases ineffective. In this article I will briefly review the requirements for establishing an adequate shelter plan.

Supplies for an Emergency Earthquake Kit

If you have been reading the news lately you will know that earthquakes are no longer a phenomenon that happens strictly on the west coast. California no longer has a monopoly on the earth movers that have traditionally caused so much damage to cities in the western portion of the nation. It was this year that Washington DC experienced a sizable shake of their own.

Gotta Have Water

Well it finally happened. Mother Nature was feed up with all the abuse and nonsense that mankind had befallen her and simply decided to fight back. It seemed like the end of our world and way of living was coming and rather quickly at that. First, we experienced several back to back hurricanes heading up the east coast hitting major cities all the way up. The west coast was in the process of being slowly destroyed by earthquakes one after the other in great numbers and of tremendous velocity. Looking to the far north and at the Yellowstone area, we find that volcanic activity was going strong and appeared to never end. Fortunately, as bad as it seemed there is always an end to any sort of calamity and this one was no exception.

Survival 101

When you go camping, hiking or taking long excursions, you usually prepare a bag with food, water, medical supplies, rain and cold protective gear, emergency flares, etc. It is a chore getting things organized for a long trip. There are different types of survival kits.

How To Clean A Fish With Your Survival Knife

You did it, you caught some fish. You won’t starve out there now. Wait how do you clean a fish to prepare it for cooking? All you have is your survival knife. You don’t have your cutting board, fillet knife or chef’s hat? Don’t worry, read on and learn how to clean that fish with just your survival knife.

Survival Kit for Women and Children – Defense Preparedness

Every day thousands of women and children are beaten, kidnapped, raped and murdered. Although this issue has become much more visible in recent years, the problem has not yet gone away. Many people assume just because these types of problems aren’t happening to them or people they know they don’t exist and they are sadly mistaken.

What To Do Following A Tornado Disaster

Returning home after a disastrous tornado can be very dangerous if guidelines are not followed. It is devastating enough to lose one’s home. To return while there is danger lurking can be more hazardous than one might think.

American Heart Association CPR Guidelines: Upcoming Changes For CPR Training

This October the updated 2010 CPR guidelines were released by the American Heart Association. What changed? Here’s the down and dirty of what’s to come…

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