Harvesting Green Coconuts for Hydration and Electrolytes

Jason shows how young coconuts can help you rehydrate and replenish your electrolytes in a survival situation. Check out how to get the coconut from the tree, and how to open it up to get to the liquid inside. The sweet coconut water can help break up the blandness of plain water and give you some flavor.

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Important Information on Wilderness First Aid Kits

To make sure that you will have a safer trip, bring your wilderness first aid kits. Read on to find out what should be in your kit.

Different Shades of First Aid in Different Situations

So, CPR training courses also have great significance. Here, CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Similarly, Aquatic/Marine first aid is exclusively designed for professionals like lifeguards, mariners and divers. For dealing with wounded combatants and non-combatants during war type of situation, there is special battlefield first aid course…

Preparing For a Hurricane – 4 Tips That Save Lives

If you live in the hurricane prone Southeast United States, being prepared for a tropical storm can mean the difference between life and death. In this article, we’ll discuss four basic steps you can take to prepare your family for the potential of an oncoming hurricane.

Fire Protection Design – Engineering Your Safety

What does a fire protection engineer do? How does one work to keep fires from starting and spreading? This article outlines the details.

Being Prepared For a Disaster With Dependable Energy

Are there more ways we can be prepared for storms, hurricanes? Should we have dependable energy for a natural or man made disaster?

Survival Planning – The Best List of Things to Consider

We all need to be aware of the predicament we face when a disaster strikes. It really does not matter where you live; you have issues beyond your control that can place you and your family in harm’s way. For example if you live in Los Angeles you need to be ready for earthquakes, in Oklahoma, tornadoes, in Florida, Hurricanes, in Washington, Mt. St. Helen’s, in Iowa, floods. Each part of the country has their issue. It may be as simple as a massive power outage, do not forget terror threats, pandemics, etc. You need to consider what you might in store for and prepare accordingly. What kind of survival gear do you need? 72 hours kits, Office Kits, School Lockdown Kits?

How Military Meals – Ready to Eat – Can Supplement Your Emergency Food Rations in a Disaster

While you may think you probably have enough food in your pantry to stretch for 3 days, the average homeowner grossly underestimates what they will need for food and water for the first 72 hours of an emergency, especially when planning for several people. Military meals ready to eat provide a simple, inexpensive and measured way to provide your food needs. For that reason, military meals ready to eat, or MRE’s, should always be a part of your kit.

Air Ambulance Service – Will Your Insurance Pay For It?

When dealing with any specialty service, such as an air ambulance service and an insurance company’s coverage policy, it is a good idea to gather some information. A beginning step would be to discuss the medical necessity of your traveling to another medical facility with your current doctor. Your insurance company will require the doctor’s input and written determination that it is a medical necessity not only for you to travel, but also that you should travel by air ambulance.

Air Ambulance Or Commercial Flight – What is Best?

If you or someone you are flying with has a medical situation that makes their health unstable, you need to make a decision. What is the best method of transportation, air ambulance or commercial flight?

Earthquake Preparedness is Essential

Every family should perform personal preparation along with the earthquake preparedness programs and safety measures from the government. Read on for some helpful tips.

Survivalist Uses For Solar Landscape Lights

Here is an interesting thought that surely must have crossed many people’s minds in the past. As I sit on my patio I watch the solar lights that surround it and firmly believe that every survivalist should have several of these solar powered landscape lights for use at their bug out retreat or their home in the event of an emergency.

Flood Damage Control is Easy With Professional Help

There are some disasters that can damage your home and favorite property. One of them is flooding. A place where flood frequency is high, the residents should know the basic facts about it and the need to get professional help in managing it.

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