Gear QUICK Look – Zippo Emergency / Survival Fire Starter – SHOT Show

Zippo is mostly known for lighters, but they have recently developed some interesting new gear to help you survive. Enter the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter. This pretty cool little tool is a great backup to have around and can help you get a blaze going in just about any situation.

Enjoy! ~David

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Save Lives With Fire Safety Training!

Everyone dreams of becoming a hero one day but not everyone is given an opportunity to do so. But despite that, would you not say that it is always better to be prepared for any emergency or calamity that may strike at any time of the day?

Beat Fire to the Punch With Fire Safety Training

Fire is truly catastrophic in many different ways. It can destroy any property that you have and it can take away the lives of the people you love. That is why it is better to know how to prevent fire from occurring and to be prepared for any fire hazards. And what better way to do that than by taking a fire safety training.

4 Simple Steps to Using a Fire Safety Extinguisher

It is red, it is pressurized and it sure is important that is why almost every house and building has its own fire safety extinguisher. The fire extinguisher has been one of the most effective tools for controlling and putting out fire which is why it is one of the requirements in the fire safety regulations.

Understanding How Your Fire Extinguisher Works

Fire is one of the most important elements of all. Its usefulness is more than the ordinary.

Stop, Look and Listen – Learning Safety Signs

One of the many things that people value is safety and its importance is so obvious. Every single day, people are constantly reminding other people of the importance of safety.

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Everyone dreams of having their own beautiful home where they could live and raise their family and for some people, they are lucky enough to turn this dream into reality. But would it not be a total nightmare to see your gorgeous home burn down into ashes just because you failed to practice home fire safety?

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Fires can happen anytime and at anywhere. This is why it is always essential that one is able to ensure his safety against this raging menace. After all, a fire is always preventable. You just need to arm yourself with the needed fire-preventing measures which can give you the safety that you are aspiring for.

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Tornado shelters offer quite a few advantages. If you live in the stormy parts of the country, you can have these advantages if you invest in a storm shelter.

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How Often Can I Use My Keychain Pepper Spray?

Pepper sprays are one of the most effective personal protection devices which you can use and carry wherever you may go. When buying one, you need to think about several factors such as the size, spray pattern, and formulation.

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Preventing fire from getting bigger can go a long way in saving lives and in saving your property. That is why it is important to have a fire extinguisher within reach to control a fire. As a matter of fact, most rural fire brigade would say that fire extinguishers are actually a critical piece in saving lives and properties if ever there was a fire emergency.

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