Gear QUICK Look – Sweet Made in USA Survival Knife Sheath! Hedge Hog Leatherworks – SHOT Show

Why in the WORLD would Anyone Fork Over $200 for a Knife Sheath? Find Out Right Now and Discover the “Magic” Behind Hedgehog Leatherworks as Owner Paul Sheiter Shares His Passion for Excellence, High Craftsmanship, Customer Care and Heirloom Quality Products that are Made in the USA. Enjoy!!!

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Building a Survival Kit

Survival kits come in many shapes and sizes. In a perfect world, we would all have specialized kits stowed strategically for our home, vehicles, and packs. Although it is not financially possible for everyone to maintain multiple kits, I have included an example of a basic kit that will provide a good starting point.

Survival & Preparedness

Survival and preparedness are the most often overlooked aspects of any outdoor adventure. Regardless of your level of experience or the degree of difficulty you choose to undertake, sooner or later you will be forced into a survival situation.

Advantages of Exit Alarm Magnetic Locking

Emergency is a thing that can occur at any place any time without giving a warning some times. So in order to prevent yourself with any kind of emergency you should take some protective steps for that. Fire emergency can takes place any time.

How to Become a Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor

Pediatric Advanced Life Support is designed by the American Heart Association to teach health care professionals how to manage and treat critically ill children and infants, especially in emergency situations such as cardiac arrest or other life-threatening conditions. It provides realistic simulations of pediatric emergencies to help health care professionals practice these skills and work as a team to resuscitate child or infant victims of life-threatening conditions.

How to Become a First Aid Instructor

A First Aid Instructor is a person with a lot of responsibility but also a great deal of satisfaction. Becoming a First Aid Instructor can be a very lucrative business for you, and it’ll give you the opportunity to earn some extra cash even in your current workplace.

First Aid Training – Why Should I Become Certified?

First Aid training is a very important part of society today. There are many reasons why a person should become certified. You will learn how to properly treat cuts, burns, bruises, scrapes, bug bites, and even shock.

How to Become a CPR Instructor

There are classes also available online for you to complete. The schools will often have their own curriculum and therefore may be different than what another school is teaching.

Hurricane Survival Kits

Hurricanes can be very scary things, and while getting out of landing zone well ahead of the storm is always the best and safest action, it might not always be possible. If the worst case scenario takes place and you’re stuck when the hurricane comes, having a hurricane survival kit is a critical step towards helping to literally weather the storm.

Rush Your Hurricane Preparedness

It’s that time of year again, when we all need to keep an eye on the tropics, to see what is brewing. According to the meteorologists, 2010 is likely to be a very active hurricane season and anyone who lives in the Gulf, or along the eastern seaboard must be aware of the damage that these storms can cause. Hurricane preparedness begins now and continues throughout the seven month tropical season.

Protection From Sandstorms

Sandstorms can occur unexpectedly if you’re in Iraq, Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Middle East. A signal may include what seems like a dark cloud growing from a distance soon before. When you leave your home in one of these areas and walk to a shop, for instance, or visit a neighbor or choose to engage in some sort of activity outside, be sure to be prepared in case one arrives. Amongst the things wise to do may be to carry at least a little bit of food in your pocket, whether it be fruit, or a snack, or something at least minor to the point you can expect it to last you a few hours (but how long it lasts depends on which kind it is – it would be wise to do some research about particular kind that may occur in your area).

Medical Suppliers For Your Medical Equipment Needs

Having the right medical supplies at home is crucial for most. Being able to provide the right medical care during emergencies is life-saving.

Handling Disasters While at Work

If you were to be at your place of employment and all of a sudden you go to turn the light switch on and nothing happened you would likely not be disturbed in the least. After all, it may merely be a popped circuit breaker or the electric company may have lost a transformer somewhere along your electrical route. Perhaps someone had an automobile accident and an electric pole was knocked down.

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