Foraging For Food In The Wild – SD Field Notes

Alan Kay and company venture out to look for easy, simple calories during a recently completed survival challenge. The guys went into the field with no food and are burning a lot of calories to build a fire, find materials for shelter, and prepare for the night. Nuts and leafy greens were a perfect solution to satisfy the caloric intake that the team needed.

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Survival Training With Camping MREs

Going camping is a great way to bond with your kids and introduce them to survival training. After all, if there is ever an emergency, you would want your kids to know how to take care of themselves. Your kids should be familiar with what is in a survival kit and how to use its contents.

Doomsday 2012 – The Truth & the Lunacy, Part 2

This article is the second in a series I’ve written in an effort to debunk the Doomsday 2012 myths. It is my belief that preparing for hard times and possible disasters is very important, but the hysteria surrounding many ridiculous 2012 theories is unhealthy. Let’s explore it together.

Finding Peace of Mind With Emergency Preparedness

Preparing yourself and your family for emergencies is an essential and easy part of parenting. See a list of supplies to include in a survival kit.

The Snake Bite First Aid You Need to Know

Our friend’s two year old daughter was seriously injured from a rattle snake bite. While she was playing on the driveway, she fell and landed directly on a baby rattle snake which bit her arm. Her arm immediately swelled up and her parents rushed her to the hospital where they gave her many shots of anti-venom to neutralize the venom in her blood system. Her arm turned black and it was touch and go for awhile, but thankfully she eventually healed completely. In this article you will learn about snake bite first aid and the signs, symptoms and treatment you need to know.

Will Global Warming Cause More Influenza Flu Pandemics?

Some suggest that global warming, (climate warming caused by mankind’s emissions of CO2) will potentially cause a great frequency of Influenza Flu pandemics in the future, which could challenge world populations, human health, and the future our species. Not long ago, I read a brief research paper titled; “What These Trends Suggest?” by a Chinese researcher named Guang Wu.

Fire Safety Tips For Home

Fire has been known to be a major destroyer of houses around the world, and most of these fires have been caused due to negligence of the occupants or due to other safety regulations that were not complied with. There are many small and important tips that can safeguard your home from catching a fire and also to protect the property as well as the occupants in case a fire does happen, due to any reason. These tips may either be precautionary measures to prevent a fire or safety tips that can stop a fire from spreading.

If Swine Flu Pandemics Run With Solar Cycles & Planetary Warming Periods – Where Will it Strike?

Not long ago, there was an interesting study done by two Chinese Researchers where they noted that the climate cycles, specifically warming periods were times when Influenza Type A strains showed the most evolution or mutation. Well, this is certainly interesting, especially if the Global Warming Alarmists happen to be correct…

Ug 99 Fungus is Threatening Our World Wheat Crops

Wheat is one of those staple crops, like corn or rice that we use to feed the world, without it there can be huge populations literally starve to death. Wheat Crops in many parts of the world experience hardships due to too little rain or too much, and also wildfires. When these things happen the commodity prices go through the roof and even if there is enough wheat production to satisfy most all mouths, often the price prevents it.

How to Prepare For a Hurricane

While no one ever wants to think about a hurricane hitting their town, it is still something that’s important to prepare for. By taking some simple steps to prepare your home in advance, you can greatly reduce the risk of damage or loss of personal property in the event of a storm.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

For those of us that live in South Florida, we know all too well the stress that a hurricane can bring. However even with several storms that have hit the U.S. in the past five years, many people wait until it is too late to prepare for a storm, which is a mistake.

Prepare Your College Student For Emergencies

A survival kit is an easy, inexpensive and thoughtful item to give your college students. Kits can be kept in easily accessible places, closets, cars or under beds. Survival kits can be purchased online or self-assembled.

Do You Have a Plan C For Disaster?

Do you have a plan C for future emergencies and disasters? If you don’t you might die as a result. It is not enough to have a vague idea that you could handle a real national disaster. You must have a plan for the worst case scenario if it happened today!!!

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