Your question: Where does the Rainbow River kayak go?

Where do you put at Rainbow River?

If you are coming to The Rainbow River to tube down the river a better alternative to the K. P. Hole is the State Park facility on the east side of the river. The State Park’s Tubing Entrance to the park is located at 10830 S.W. 180th Ave Rd, Dunnellon, FL 34432 on the east side of the river.

Can I bring my own kayak to Rainbow Springs State Park?

Visitors may launch privately owned canoes and kayaks from the headsprings launch area; but should be prepared to port their vessel 1,800 feet from the parking area to the launch area, due to no vehicle access to the river within the park.

Can you drink alcohol on Rainbow River?

Taking any type of alcohol or disposables on the Rainbow River is prohibited by law. Acceptable containers include Tupperware, Rubbermaid or a thermos. Unlawful containers include: paper sacks, boxes, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, breakable plastic utensils, paper napkins and towels. … Alcohol is not permitted.

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How long does it take to kayak Rainbow River?

How long does the trip take to get down the Rainbow River? The trip is 4 miles long and can generally take 2-3 hours in a kayak 4 hours in a tube.

Is it safe to swim in Rainbow Springs?

Swimming is allowed from 8 am to one hour prior to sunset, closing during thunderstorms. Inflatable rafts, tubes, etc. are not allowed in the park, but swimmers may wear life preservers or use the popular “swim noodles”. … “Tubing” is not allowed inside the Rainbow Springs State Park.

Are there alligators in Rainbow River?

There are alligators in most fresh water bodies in FL. However, as to date, there has never been a human-alligator incident on the Rainbow River.

How much does it cost to float down the Rainbow River?

To tube down the Rainbow River, there is a $20 fee including park admission, the shuttle ride back to the starting point, tube rental and tax. If you bring your own tube, the fee is $12 including park admission and the shuttle ride.

How much does it cost to get into Rainbow Springs?

From the Get Up and Go Kayaking Rainbow Springs launch location at KP Hole, the State Park is only a short 10 minute drive up the road. Once you arrive at the State Park, you will need to pay a $2 entrance fee that allows you access to all of the parks facilities.

How much does it cost to rent a kayak at Rainbow Springs?


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Rental People Price
KAYAK/SUP 1 -2 people $16
All Day Rental Kayak/SUP $50
TANDEM/CANOES 3 people max $22
All Day Rental Tandem/Canoe $60

Can I bring my own kayak to Crystal River?

You can take part in Crystal River, Florida kayaking with either your own boat or you can rent a kayak. Choose from single or double-seat kayaks or a SUP. Equipped with the right kayak for you, you’ll spend a pleasant day spotting manatee, birds and other wildlife.