Your question: What does the Chaincase on a snowmobile do?

How often should you change chain case oil in snowmobile?

For best snowmobile performance, change the chaincase oil every year. Over time, the oil level can drop or the oil can accumulate metal particles from the chain and gears, placing the sled at risk of failure. It’s best to change chaincase oil at the end of the season. That way your sled is ready to go in the fall.

Is Chaincase oil the same as gear oil?

They have the same chain and if you use gear oil it is so thick that it can become trapped between the chain and gears at speed and cause the chain to snap or stretch.

What can you use instead of Chaincase oil?

If you’re not going to use chaincase fluid, ATF is a close substitute. A lot of guys use it, I have in the past when I had a chaincase problem and the dealer wasn’t open. It worked fine. Like dhridenh said, 80-90 gear fluid is really thick and more appropriate for gears.

How do you flush a snowmobile crankcase?

Turn the crankcase upside down over a parts washer and just wash, wash wash. Slowly rotate the crank over by hand as you flush out each area of the crankcase. Continue this for about 5 minutes and you will get about 99.9% of everything out.

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