Your question: Does rally mean gathering?

What does we rally mean?

1 : to come together again to renew an effort. 2 : to join in a common cause. 3 : recover, rebound rallied briefly from his illness. 4 : to engage in a rally.

What is it called when people rally?

marshaling. (also marshalling), mobilization, rallying.

Is there a word rally?

rally noun [C] (MEETING)

a public meeting of a large group of people, especially supporters of a particular opinion: 5,000 people held an anti-nuclear rally. … Demonstrators were bussed in from all parts of the country to attend the protest rally.

When should we use rally?

When people rally to something or when something rallies them, they unite to support it. When someone or something rallies, they begin to recover or improve after having been weak. Rally is also a noun. After a brief rally the shares returned to 126p.

What is the point of a rally?

A rally, nonviolent civil disobedience or protest is used to draw attention to the issue through public participation and through media coverage. If there is a small turnout but the media is there, the issue will be reported on, the facts of the issue will be shared and the public will be educated about it.

How do you use the word rally?

Rally in a Sentence

  1. Soldiers in the regime would rally around one another after every completed mission.
  2. Although few were there to rally around the Olympic runner, the support of the few who were present meant the world to him.
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What is the synonym of rally?

meeting, mass meeting, gathering, assembly, tweetup. demonstration, march, protest march, parade. informal get-together, demo. 2’blizzards caused a short-lived rally in oil prices’ recovery, upturn, improvement, revival, comeback, rebound, resurgence, renewal, a turn for the better, reaction.

What is peace rally?

uncountable noun [usually NOUN noun] If countries or groups involved in a war or violent conflict are discussing peace, they are talking to each other in order to try to end the conflict. […] See full entry.

What is the difference between a march and a rally?

Marches, in which a parade demonstrate while moving along a set route. Rallies, in which people gather to listen to speakers or musicians.

What is Rally dog training?

Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O) is a dog sport based on obedience. … Unlike regular obedience, instead of waiting for the judge’s orders, the competitors proceed around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The course consists of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team what to do.