Your question: Are Converse shoes good for skateboarding?

Does Converse sell skate shoes?

Made exclusively for skateboarding, Converse CONS are made with extra durable materials and offer superior comfort for shredding the streets. Featuring CTAS Pro, One Star Pro and the Louie Lopez Pro, and available in slip, low and high top styles, our skate shoes are created with style and comfort in mind.

Are Converse skate shoes comfortable?

They are really comfortable and the footbed is really soft and supportive. I found the sizing to be exactly like regular Converse, meaning they run a 1/2 to a full size larger. 2 found this review helpful. These shoes are great!

Are Converse good for walking?

It’s true that Converse aren’t ideal for all workouts, though. Dr. Dini pointed out that they don’t have good arch support (hence my painful arches from walking long distances), making them and other flat shoes a bad choice for workouts with running and jumping.

Can you skate in Chuck Taylors?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

It might not have the innovative technology of modern skate shoe designs, but the Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top still offers many skaters everything they need in a skate shoe: flexibility, durable outsoles, and unobstructive support.

Are Converse good for longboarding?

We can’t have a list of the best longboarding shoes without including the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox. These are one of the original boarding shoes and never stop being cool — they’re timeless. This shoe is a straightforward, rugged sneaker that’s designed to take a ton of wear and tear and still hold up.

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