You asked: What is the name of all the mountains in Jamaica?

What are the names of mountains in Jamaica?

A List of mountains of Jamaica:

  • Blue Mountain Peak.
  • Blue Mountains.
  • John Crow Mountains.
  • Juan de Bolas Mountain.
  • Mocho Mountains.
  • Dry Harbour Mountains.
  • Dolphin Head Mountains.
  • Bull Head Mountains.

What are the major mountains in Jamaica and their parishes?

Elevation and Locations of the Mountains in Jamaica

Mountain Parish Longitude
Bellevue Peak St. Andrew -76.67
Blackness Mountain Westmoreland -78.17
Blue Castle Mountain Hanover -78.10
Blue Mountain Peak Portland -76.58

What are the five mountains name?

The Highest Mountain on Each Continent

Name Location Height
Mount Everest Nepal/ China, Asia 29,029ft (8,848m)
Aconcagua Argentina, S. America 22,841ft (6,962m)
Denali Alaska, U.S., N. America 20,310ft (6,190m)
Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Africa 19,341ft (5,895m)

Does Jamaica have a volcano?

The Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution lists no volcanoes in the country of Jamaica.

Which parish in Jamaica has the most rivers?

Jamaica’s longest river is the Rio Minho, in the parish of Clarendon. While the Black River in St. Elizabeth is the longest navigable river.

What are the five major plains in Jamaica?

Some of the principal plains are in Jamaica are:

  • Liguanea Plains in Kingston and St. Andrew.
  • Rio Cobre and St. Dorothy Plains in St. Catherine.
  • Plain of Vere in Clarendon.
  • Pedro Plain in St. Elizabeth.
  • George’s Plain in Westmoreland.
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What are the top 5 mountain in the world?

A rundown of the five tallest mountains in the world.

  • 1 5. Makalu – 8,485 meters.
  • 2 4. Lhotse – 8,516 meters.
  • 3 3. Kanchendzonga (Wikipedia calls it Kanchenjunga, but all the atlases I’ve seen call it this way) – 8,586 meters.
  • 4 2. K2 – 8,611 meters.
  • 5 1. Everest – 8,848 meters.