You asked: What animals live in the Green Mountains?

Are there bears in Green Mountains?

Human encounters with black bears have increased across the Green Mountain National Forest. While many visitors and campers never encounter a bear, the Forest is their home and bears can quickly become habituated to human food.

Why did moose go extinct in Vermont?

The primary known cause of non-hunting moose deaths (mortalities) in Vermont is motor vehicles. Since the beginning of Vermont’s moose study in September 1980 nearly 70% of these reported mortalities were due to collisions with motor vehicles.

What is a small mammal?

The terms “small mammals” or “pocket pets,” refer to small animals, often rodents, which are kept as pets and could fit into your pocket. Common small mammal pets include: Rats. Mice. Hamsters.

Are there mountain lions in Vermont?

In Vermont, it was 1881. Since then, there have been a handful of confirmed mountain lion sightings in the Northeast, although most have been thought to be escaped captive animals. There are also many unconfirmed sightings. … Mountain lions may be stealthy, but they do leave a trace.

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