Why is the Blue Mountains important to Australia?

Why are Australia’s mountains blue?

Forests of eucalyptus and gum trees grow in the area. … When eucalyptus oils, dust particles, and water vapour combine, as the sunlight hits, it creates an optical illusion of a blue haze. The light allows the eyes to see the blue pigments in the atmosphere. So there, that’s the reason why the Blue Mountains are blue.

Why are the Blue Mountains important to Aboriginal culture?

Aboriginal peoples passed through the Blue Mountains on ancient access routes, which provided passage for trade, ceremony and travel. Aboriginal peoples hunted and gathered food, made tools and socialised across these lands.

What is special about Blue Mountain?

The Blue Mountains is a magical place any time of the year. Glowing in autumn, cool in winter, colourful in spring and refreshing in summer. The Blue Mountains is densely populated by oil bearing Eucalyptus trees. … World HeritageWhy is The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Listed and what does this mean…

What are the values of the Blue Mountains?

Residents of the Blue Mountains, the City within a World Heritage Area, are privileged to live in an area with many natural values.

  • Natural Heritage. …
  • Health, Recreation and Education and Aesthetic Values. …
  • Protection of Natural Systems. …
  • Habitat. …
  • Conservation and Protection.
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Which city is known as the Blue Mountains?

The City of Blue Mountains is a local government area of New South Wales, Australia, governed by the Blue Mountains City Council. The city is located in the Blue Mountains range west of Sydney.

City of Blue Mountains.

City of Blue Mountains New South Wales
Location in New South Wales
Coordinates 33°42′S 150°18′ECoordinates: 33°42′S 150°18′E

What trees grow in Blue Mountains?

Blue Mountains Plant List

Growth Form Scientific Name Common Name
Tree Eucalyptus deanei Mountain Blue Gum
Tree Eucalyptus punctata Grey Gum
Tree Eucalyptus sclerophylla Scribbly Gum
Tree Melaleuca styphelioides Prickly-leaved Paperbark

How many days do you need in the Blue Mountains?

If you fancy getting out of the city, away from the beaches and spending a couple of days in land, there’s really nowhere better – ideally you need at least 2 days in the Blue Mountains to explore properly.

How much money does the Blue Mountains make?

Home to 79,195 people, Blue Mountains supports 19,513 jobs and has an annual economic output of $5.494 billion.